Yoga for Athletes

Benefits of Yoga for Athletes

  • Injury Prevention
  • Stability
  • Getting 'In the Zone' on Game Day
  • Range of Motion & Mobility

Imbalances in the body are common in athletes. Many sports lend themselves to repetitive use of the shoulders, knees, and ankles due to constant stop and go maneuvers.

Yoga addresses these imbalances by improving joint stability, strengthening weak areas, and stretching tight muscles to bring balance back into the body and to prevent injury. 

Yoga incorporates poses that help players to develop balance as well as strength in the legs and core which will provide them with more stability on impact during a game. 

In a yoga class athletes address distractions and mental stressors by learning to have complete focus. Through a consistent yoga practice they develop body self-awareness and mental clarity that can decrease anxiety, increase focus, improve discipline, and teach players to be completely ‘in the zone’ in a game.

This is the most important aspect of any yoga practice and the most psychologically beneficial. 

Yoga moves the body through every plane of motion. This mobility increases the efficiency of the athlete’s movement. It brings synovial fluids to the joints to lubricate them allowing the joints to heal and regenerate.


  • Why Add Yoga to My Training?
  • What Can I Expect from a Yoga Class?
  • Is Yoga for Me?

Yoga is the most beneficial way to stay at the top of your game during the season both physically and mentally.

Yoga helps you to improve range of motion, stabilty, and strength. It brings a healthy balance back into your body, preventing injury caused by repetitive use as a result of athletic training.

Yoga also teaches you to focus your mind to keep you ‘in the zone’ on game day.

A typical class includes breath work, meditation, and a combination of poses designed with the athlete’s physiology in mind.

The postures help to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and calmness of mind.

The goal of a yoga for athletes class is to make you perform at your peak by physically balancing out the body and mentally providing skills to keep you focused in the game.

Yoga is quickly becoming an integral part of training for professional athletes from all areas of sport. It is accessible to all athletes regardless of experience.

As yoga does involve physical activity, it is recommended that you are cleared by your healthcare provider (physiotherapist, physician, chirpractor, etc) and that you inform your yoga instructor of past injuries before taking part.

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Be a Better Athlete With Yoga