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Samantha’s classes are physically challenging but because she works to establish a non-judgmental environment the classes are welcoming to students from all levels of experience.

Remember: Every yoga class is about the breath. Postures are secondary and optional.

Vinyasa Yoga

Energetic and Fluid. Flow through a series of postures, first with instruction and then continuing at your own pace. This class is high energy, set to loud, upbeat music, and geared to students who prefer a strengthening, faster paced practice.

Karma Hot Yoga classes also fall under the vinyasa category.

Power Yoga

Strong and Deep. The emphasis here is on a standing sequence of postures held for several breaths to build strength and stamina as well as to develop a deep connection to each pose. Like Vinyasa, it is set to upbeat music to keep the energy levels high. Power yoga is geared to students who want a strong and deep practice.

Prenatal Yoga

Mind Baby Connection. This class is for pregnant women in their second and third trimesters. The class balances strengthening poses to prepare for labour and delivery with softening poses to create serenity for mom and baby. The emphasis of prenatal yoga is on nurturing yourself so you can nurture your baby. Learn more about all the benefits of prenatal yoga here.

Slow Flow

Self discovery. Take a Vinyasa yoga class, slow it down, and close your eyes and you have Slow Flow. This class is all about feeling the postures rather than visualizing them. It results in a deeply focused and calming practice.

Wind Down Yoga

Sweet release. Beginning with a gentle flow meant to extend the range of motion and ending with long holding stretches meant to release the connective tissues, this class covers everything that you need to decompress at the end of a long week.