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Samantha’s classes are physically challenging but because she works to establish a non-judgmental environment the classes are welcoming to students from all levels of experience.

Remember: Every yoga class is about the breath. Postures are secondary and optional.

Power Flow

loud. energetic. challenging.This is not your guru’s yoga.
Flow through a series of postures, first with instruction and then continuing at your own pace.
This class is high energy, set to loud, upbeat music, and geared to students who prefer a strengthening, faster paced practice.

Slow Flow

deep. focused. introspective. A voyage of self discovery.
This vinyasa-based yoga practice is slower paced than our signature Power Flow.
This class is all about feeling the postures rather than visualizing them. It results in a deeply focused and calming practice that still provides a challenge.

Prenatal Yoga

calming. nurturing. connecting. Pregnancy is a time for emotional and intuitive growth. It is a time to surrender to a natural process that is greater than anything you have ever done.
Most importantly, this is a time to nurture yourself so that your body and mind can, in turn, nurture your baby.
Yoga is the most beneficial way to remain healthy during pregnancy, to prepare yourself for delivery, to embrace the changes happening in your body, and to connect with your baby. Learn more about all the benefits of prenatal yoga here.