One-on-One Yoga Classes

There’s nothing like a one-on-one yoga class. The individualized attention and hands-on assists that a private yoga session can offer are unlike any yoga class you’ve experienced. Each private yoga class caters specifically to your needs, your level of fitness, and your goals. Special attention is paid to your alignment and assistance is tailored to you in a way that is not experienced in a large group setting.

Private ButtonOne-on-One Private Classes are beneficial for:

New Students – It is the perfect place to focus on the fundamentals of the practice

Experienced Students – Take your practice to the next level and learn poses not typically taught in a group yoga class. Work through carefully chosen preparatory poses to get you ready to tackle challenging postures and nail them.

Athletes – From football to javelin to soccer to cycling, every athlete has different needs. A custom yoga practice will focusing on poses specifically chosen to support and improve performance in your sport.

Prenatal Women: A yoga class is just what you need to remain relaxed, strong, and healthy during your pregnancy. Learn to modify your practice to embrace the changes happening in your body and use your practice as a time to connect with your baby. Learn more about the myriad of benefits of prenatal yoga for expecting mothers.

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