30 May

The Epic Mealtime Lasagna

Saturday night, Matt and I hosted one of our seasonal parties at our place. We regularly host parties that are centred around some sort of theme… a wine tasting, a beer and sausage fest, a costume party, etc. The party this weekend was a potluck. It had no particular theme—we just asked everyone to bring a dish.

Coincidentally, 2 of my friends brought an obscure (to me, anyway) Polish dish called Bigos which is essentially a sauerkraut and kielbasa stew. It was phenomenal. I have to get the recipe from my friend’s mom, I loved it so much.

Some other dishes made were: a pasta salad, Asian noodle salad, an Indian stew with rice, cheesy party potatoes, my spinach fatayer, rice pudding, peach crumble, and cookies. It was a really good spread.

But the star of the meal was this (Vegetarians and healthy people alike, avert your eyes!)

Epic Meal Time Fast Food Lasagna

If you’re familiar with the YouTube channel Epic Meal Time then you might recognize this as the

Epic Fast Food Lasagna.

It’s exactly what you think it is. Lasagna made out of fast food. This dish was impressive in the worst possible way. Imagine bacon, ground beef, and bourbon-flavoured pasta sauce sandwiched between the two layers greasiest burgers you can think of, all topped with onion rings, and shredded cheese.

This meal can be defined in 3 words: congestive heart failure.

This meal comes courtesy of Heather and Kyle and, thanks to them, potlucks will never be the same.

Let’s break it down, shall we? Here’s what was in the dish:

Epic Mealtime Lasagna

(Photo Credit to K.P.)

a 26er of Jack1657cals, 0g fat
1L of Big Mac Special Sauce 2250cals, 225g fat
2L pasta sauce740cals, 24g fat
3lbs ground beef 2915cals, 203g fat
3lbs bacon7336cals, 567g fat
8 McDonald’s Big Macs 4320cals, 232g fat
8 Wendy’s Baconators6640cals, 408g fat
2 medium Onion Rings 558cals, 28g fat
4 cups mozzarella cheese640cals, 48g fat

For a grand total of:

27,056 cals / 1735g fat  (564g sat. fat) / 63,528mg sodium

15 people ate about 1/2 of the lasagna, so assuming this recipe makes 30 portions that’s:

902 cals / 58g fat / 2,118mg sodium per serving

Holy Disgusting!

So if you were at my house on Friday and were brave enough to sample this dish, now you know that you’re one step giant leap closer to that Lipitor prescription. Congratulations.

…oh, and if you’ve never seen Epic Mealtime, here’s the very funny video this recipe is based on. It’s worth a watch (on an empty stomach).