15 Apr

New Fridge!

We got a new fridge.

To be honest, I’m not all that excited about it despite my exclamatory blog post title.

I thought our old fridge was fine, but then again that’s coming from the person who didn’t have the responsibility of chipping out chunks of ice from the bottom of the freezer on a regular basis so the thing wouldn’t leak. That was Matt’s job. . .

. . . and also my in-laws’ job when they watched our house while we were on vacation. No wonder they were more excited to hear the news about our fridge purchase than they were to hear about our engagement.

It’s white because I can’t be bothered with stainless steel, and because all of our other appliances are circa 1993 (read: also white).

And yes, that is my Sesame Street lunch pail from 1989 crowning the fridge. You know you’re jealous.

New FridgeNew Fridge

06 Apr

Links for a Sunday Morning

Women’s Wages Are Rising: Why Are So Many Families Getting Poorer? – The Atlantic

One reason that lower-income families are losing economic ground is that gains in women’s income have been offset by declines in marriage among the poor and working class . . . single-parent families are much less likely to reap the benefits of increases in income that have accrued to today’s working women.

Measles Outbreak Shows Importance of Education – The Globe and Mail

We are rapidly approaching the point where, statistically, a child is going to die of the measles in Canada. That is unconscionable in the 21st century. We shouldn’t wait until that happens to be outraged.

The Northwestern Decision: An Explainer – Grantland

The “But they’re getting an education!” line is just some noble-sounding B.S. A kid who cleans dorm bathrooms for spending money can get an education and still get paid. College athletes who make huge profits for their schools should be able to get an education and still get paid, too.

Four Things Millenials Hate About You – The Globe and Mail

For millennials, there is no separation between work and fun, they’re simply two sides of the same coin, so everything carries equal weight. And that means playing shinny hockey on Wednesday night is right up there with getting a promotion.

Your Running Rorschach Test – Outside

Loop Runners are opportunists and gluttons, They’re the buffet lovers of the running world, always sampling and never settling on just one flavor.

Your Coffee Pods’ Dirty Secret – Mother Jones

By making each pod so individualized, and so easy to dispose of, you must also exponentially increase the packaging—packaging that ultimately ends up in landfills. (And that’s to say nothing of the plastic and metal brewing systems, which if broken, aren’t that easy to recycle either.)

36 Delightful Facts About Canada – Buzzfeed

Canada is the most educated country in the world. . . There is a strategic maple syrup reserve. . . In Saskatchewan, a hoodie is called a “bunnyhug.”

03 Apr

Things I learned from 30 Days of Backbends

I recently took part in #BackbendMadness2014 which was a social media challenge to find someone willing to take photos of your for 31 consecutive days. Errrr, I mean, a challenge to try a new backbend every day.

As with any challenge, I learned a few things along the way.

Check out all my pictures from Backbend Madness 2014 on my facebook page and twitter.

My sanskrit usage sub-par.

I’m okay with that though because most people I know don’t speak in sanskrit, don’t care that there’s a difference between utthita trikonasana and utthita parsvakonasana, and would rather you just tell them what to do in real words.

Even if I did know all the asana nomenclature, would be futile because. . .

All the poses have the same names anyway.

All of the poses below are named “pigeon” and not one is the pigeon pose I’m used to performing.

Pigeon, Pigeon, Pigeon, and Pigeon

Nobody wants to take my picture

. . . or, mostly just my husband.
In fear of his lengthy sighs and eye rolls and “what are you doing this for anyway?” comments, I took as many self-timer pictures as I could, resulting in a lot of garbage shots.

On the bright side, the more that I screwed up the pictures the more loose my muscles became and the easier the poses got.


Some days you just shouldn’t do a backbend

Trying to follow up one hour of snow-shoveling with a deep backbend is impossible or, at the very least, a bad idea.

You can’t love them all

This pose (called setu bandasana, if you care about sanskrit at all) is pure hell and I’m not even in the full expression of the pose. That would involve my hands crossed over my chest rather than propping up my upper body like they are here.
I hope to never have to do this again. But that just means that I definitely am going to do it again. It’s like yoga masochism.

setu bandasana

Sometimes simplicity hits the spot

Cresent lunge hits the spot in my body every. single. time. It’s nothing impressive but it stretched my front body in just the right way.

Crescent Lunge

I have no idea what my body looks like in a pose

Even with a mirror hard to see yourself from all angles in most poses so most of the time I was surprised by what I saw when I eagerly collected my camera to preview the picture.
Really? I thought my legs were much straighter! or
I swear I can get my feet closer to my head than that.

Sometimes reality bites.

Not even close

Sometimes, not so much.

Handstand Splits!

I still don’t advocate practicing in front of a mirror all the time, but getting a picture of yourself in a pose can give you a different perspective. If you can manage to find someone wiling to take your picture.

People like pictures of crazy poses

A handstand gets more ‘likes’ than child’s pose, hands down (& legs up!)

But I’d rather be in child’s pose any day. EVERY day.

Check out all my pictures from Backbend Madness 2014 on my facebook page and twitter.

01 Apr

Three Things

I bought a second Game of Thrones t-shirt. This time with the Targaryen sigil to go with my Stark sigil tee, and just in time for the premiere of the new season.
You can never have enough nerdy t-shirts.

Targaryen T-shirt

And speaking of fantasy. . . I just finished reading The Golem and the Jinni and thought it was AMAZING. It’s about a genie and a woman made of clay in New York at the turn of the 20th century. Sounds a bit odd, and it is at first, but I was drawn in right away. The author did a good job defining the details which is so essential to making a fantasy novel great.

The Golem and the Jinni

And speaking of fiction. . . I am SHER locked, ie. totally hooked on the BBC show Sherlock right now. Has anyone else watched this? It’s easy to get hooked because the show is so well done. The plots are intriguing, the deduction scenes are damn near genius, and sometimes it’s even funny. It will be definitely filling the British Television void left by Downton Abbey and The Paradise for the next little while.


30 Mar

Links for a Sunday Morning

The Overprotected Kid – The Atlantic

It’s hard to absorb how much childhood norms have shifted in just one generation. Actions that would have been considered paranoid in the ’70s—walking third-graders to school, forbidding your kid to play ball in the street, going down the slide with your child in your lap—are now routine. In fact, they are the markers of good, responsible parenting.

Mirror Mirror – RadioLab

How mirrors (and the reversed images they reflect) lie to us.

The Toxins that Threaten our Brains – The Atlantic

Leading scientists recently identified a dozen chemicals as being responsible for widespread behavioral and cognitive problems. But the scope of the chemical dangers in our environment is likely even greater.

Industrial civilisation headed for ‘irreversible collapse’? – The Guardian

Elite wealth monopolies mean that they are buffered from the most “detrimental effects of the environmental collapse until much later than the Commoners”, allowing them to “continue ‘business as usual’ despite the impending catastrophe.”

Why Beyonce is Wrong this Time – The Globe and Mail

Rather than saying, “My daughter is bossy,” [parents] should say, “My daughter has executive leadership skills.” The implication being that these two things are not only interchangeable, but that one defines the other. As anyone who has dealt with a dictatorial five-year-old knows, this is not generally the case.

ANALYSIS: The Ukraine crisis through the whimsy of international law – CBC News

That’s diplomacy. Hypocritical declarations and acts are woven into its essence. What’s remarkable is the unspoken pact among the Western news media to report it all so uncritically.

Body-Image Pressure Increasingly Affects Boys – The Atlantic

Movies and magazines increasingly display bare-chested men with impossibly chiseled physiques and six-pack abs. “The media has become more of an equal opportunity discriminator. Men’s bodies are not good enough anymore either.”

Yoga Poses in Israel – NY Times

Students, taught in single-sex classes, are encouraged to come as they are, even in day clothes or long skirts, if necessary.

Neurobiology of Grace Under Pressure – Psychology Today

All of the physical symptoms of performance anxiety—racing heart, sweaty palms, dry mouth, upset stomach, shakiness—are the result of your vagus nerve disengaging. Luckily, you have the power to harness your vagus nerve and keep it engaged to create grace under pressure.

What Your Activity Tracker Sees and Doesn’t See – NY Times

The accelerometer measures only motion, not exertion — no matter how hard you’re straining yourself or how heavy the deadlift is.

21 Mar

International Day of Happiness

Today was the UN’s International Day of Happiness. A day for remembering that happiness is not about accumulation of wealth and goods but about the day to day experiences of community, security, nature, and the simple pleasures of life.

The UN launched a big social media campaign to raise awareness to make happiness a global priority and to reframe economic growth in a way that is inclusive of citizens’ happiness and well-being.

I was all over it on my yoga facebook and twitter pages, posting pictures of things that make me happy to remind me of all the great things that are going on in the world (counteracting stories like this and this).


My dad My husband, and travelling with my husband My husband, and travelling with my husband DSCF4295 Happiness Day

14 Mar

5/3/1 Cycle 15 Recap


So, uh, yeah. I know I said this at the beginning of my last 5/3/1 recap, but cycle of 5/3/1 was indeed UNREAL folks.

Read more about how it works here: 5/3/1 for Women

The last time that I had recapped with you at cycle 11 I took a step back in my training programme and repeated cycle 11 because I wasn’t quite prepared for the targets that I was supposed to reach.

Sometimes you have to cut back to make progress, and progress I did indeed make.

Not only did I break all of my Personal Records last week but I had this especially exciting news. . .

I bench pressed my body weight!

Finally! I’ve had this goal for 2 years now though have been making the most effort on it in the last 14 months or so.

165lbs wasn’t actually part of my calculated lifts for this cycle, but when I pressed up 160lbs for 3 reps (mostly on my own, but with a bit of the husband’s help on rep 3), Matt encouraged me to try 165lb, my body weight.

I was so ecstatic when I pressed the weight up all by myself.

Goal, achieved. Boys working out beside me, jealous. Even my dad was impressed (and he is, by nature, not an easy man to be genuinely impressed).

My bench press goal was so exciting it overshadowed all the other loads that I hit last week, and they were pretty impressive in themselves.

Main Lifts

Again, I can’t even believe these numbers are real.

Deadlift: 265lb for 1 reps

Push Press: 135lb for 1 rep – finally put up 45′s on the bar!

Squats: 250lb for 2 reps

Bench Press: 165lb for 1 rep – did I mention, that’s my body weight?

I haven’t calculated my loads for cycle 16 yet so I’m nervous about what I’ll see, but I’m also very excited too.


I mentioned last week that my friend, a holistic nutritionist in training, gave me a diet to follow to help me gain muscle. I had initially gained a pound right away but I lost it again so I’m back at where I started.

I’ve averaged 2500 cal per day with a 36% fat, 44% carb, 20% protein mix.

Aside from not having put on weight yet, I have been feeling much more stable (emotionally) and I my sugar cravings have been reduced which I attribute (I think) to having more fat in my diet. Or it could be more muscle too. Or it could be just eating more in general and not withholding food only to binge on sweets later. Not sure yet. I only know it’s working so I’ll keep it up.

I intend to keep tracking my macros and following her recommendations because 1) I’m her guinea pig and want to give her accurate results, and 2) I’m liking it so far.

Will check back in with progress as I squeeze in time. Things have been hectic lately :-P

09 Mar

Links for a Sunday Morning

The Most Visited Countries in the World – Gizmodo

If you’ve ever wondered which country was the most popular tourist destination, wonder no longer.

10 Places to Go While They’re Still Cheap – Airfare Watchdog

Whether you’re on the prowl for a perfect beach or a city bursting with culture, these cities and countries deliver big but cost little. Not all of them will stay cheap in the years to come, though, so if you’re inspired to go, do it soon.

Why the Olympics are a lot like The Hunger Games – The Nation

Now I understand my failure to connect to the pomp of the opening ceremonies, the confused emptiness that consumed me as I stood in the cold of a Turin winter, wrapped in the American flag, wincing under the cruel glare of a thousand flashbulbs. The real function of the Olympic athlete in the world of corporatized sports is clear to me now. 

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga – Huffington Post

Yoga increases flexibility and reduces stress, but the practice can do more than help you twist your body into pretzel shapes and find inner peace.

The Pollutants in your Face Wash – Marketplace

Lots of personal care products—like facial scrubs and even some toothpastes—are jammed with little plastic beads.  When they go down the drain, they end up in our lakes and rivers, by the millions.  They’re too small to be filtered out by water-treatment systems.  

The ‘Shocking’ Outcome of the Biggest Loser is not all that Shocking – Fit & Feminist

That shit is not inspirational.  It is DANGEROUS.  These are the tricks of eating disorders dressed up with dramatic music and lighting and turned into mass entertainment.

Our Bars and Too Loud and Cafes are Too Quiet – Slate

For centuries, bars and cafés around the world have fostered dissent and bottom-up political action. Cafés, especially, have bedeviled the authorities as long as they’ve existed. 

In the Name of Love – Slate

Labor is not something one does for compensation but is an act of love. If profit doesn’t happen to follow, presumably it is because the worker’s passion and determination were insufficient.

03 Mar

Holistic Nutrition Recommendations

I’m currently acting as a guinea pig for my friend Sarah who’s studying for her Holistic Nutrition certification from CSNN.

Sarah needed a group of volunteers to act as case studies so she could perform assessments to determine our nutritional needs and get feedback from us as to whether her recommendations are working out.

My Goals

I’m always up for some help in the nutrition department, especially with a holistic bent, and I’m a unique candidate in the sense that I’m a female who is not trying to lose weight but looking to put on lean muscle (ie. gain weight) instead.

I’m hoping to eat well for optimal energy, to put on lean muscle, and to get stronger and improve my weight lifting.

Sarah was happy to take me on as a case. She asked me 4.2 billion questions about my goals, my health history, my mood, my bowel movements…all that fun stuff… and then gave me a list of things to incorporate into my diet to improve my wellbeing and gave sample mealplan of the calories and macros I should be eating.

I implemented her recos last week.


Sarah suggested that I eat:
2400 calories with the mix of 20% protein, 30% fat, 50% carbohydrates.

It’s a reasonable amount of food and should be sustainable for me (I mean, the girl incorporated a cookie into my daily meal plan, how can I not love that?).
I found that I’ve been eating more on days that I weightlifted and less on days I didn’t, but overall I averaged right around the 2400 mark. The mix of fat is a bit higher than I currently eat which she said I need in order to to support hormone function, muscle growth, and calm my crazy sugar cravings.

She also offered me other recommendations like:

- 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar daily for a lot of reasons like burning body fat and aiding digestion and bloating after meals

- I could use a magnesium supplement for PMS symptoms (much needed!) and muscles recovery.

- I probably have a tryptophan deficiency which causes crazy mood swings. I need more tryptophan foods like spinach and red meat

- My mood swings, along with my complete lack of concentration, might also be because my adrenals are in a resistance phase. She recommended a B complex and maca.

- I should incorporate turmeric into my diet. It’s an anti-inflammatory which can help prevent arthritis (which runs in my family).

- I need more cholesterol to increase testosterone production to get jacked.

. . . among other things.

I e-mailed Sarah this weekend with a longwinded, probably-too-detailed e-mail chronicling how things have been going.

Results, Week 1:

So far, so good. I’ve gained a pound this week. My mood was generally stable and my sugar cravings a bit less intense. I felt a bit bloated and had a couple of headaches midday during the week, but other than that I generally felt well.

I’m going to continue to implement the recommendations for several more weeks and see how this all goes.

Sarah and I

Sarah and I

22 Feb


I’ve been talking about snowshoeing for a long time but I’ve never gone because winters in Essex County tend to be dry and have huge temperature ranges so that any snow that does fall melts in about the time it takes to make a snowman.
Not so much this year, with temperatures on par with Iqaluit and more snow than we’ve seen in, um, ever.
So this past family day long weekend I bought my first pair of snowshoes (on sale, by the way) and headed off into the winter wilderness. I’m trying to take advantage of this weather as much as I can.


Hiking in Essex County is boring since it’s flat as the prairies down here, but for some reason hiking through snow is way cooler. I tried navigating my way through a forest (challenging, with all the fallen trees and thorny bushes) and through a farmer’s field (far easier but not quite as interesting), places that I don’t venture to in normal circumstances.

Snowshoing in Flat Essex County

I got a pair of these TUBB’s women’s 25″ trail walking snowshoes. Nothing too intense. They work really well and I sink maybe 3 inches in about 12 inches of snow, so not too shabby.

I’m itching to use them again. It’s an awesome exercise that’s more fun that work (which is how I feel about hiking in general). I put in a solid 4 hours of hiking last weekend because the weather was perfect.

Snowshoeing in the woods

The BIG disappointment is that not a week after my exciting snowshoe purchase we got a big warm front and the clouds have opened up to rain. The snow is melting folks and I don’t like it. I’m holding out that the winter is not over yet (March is a fickle little month) and I’ll have a chance to use my snowshoes again this year.

Snow Angel in Essex CountySnowshoeing in Essex County

I’m not ready for winter to be over. Because that means spring. Sam doesn’t like spring.

If not, there’s always Algonquin. Snowshoe road trip! Winter 2015.