07 Apr

Four Things

Today is my sister’s 30th birthday!

We celebrated by going out for dim sum yesterday and wood oven pizza today. . . followed up by these amazing ‘goddess kisses’ (fried dough balls tossed in cinnamon sugar and drizzled with chocolate)

Aside from being a milestone, her Dirty Thirty birthday is an especially exciting one since she and my brother-in-law don’t have to worry about driving back home to Illinois today. They’ve moved back to Windsor, for good! And they bought the house right next door to ours! Doesn’t get much better than that.

Vicki's BirthdayHappy Birthday Vicki!

Spring is in the air!

The weather has finally started to take a turn for the better and the signs of spring are starting: waking up to the birds chirping, seeing the tulips and daffodils sprout, and being able to go out without a jacket without developing hypothermia.

My favourite sign of spring started to appear a while ago though: Cadbury Mini Eggs!

Mini EggsMini Eggs mean Easter, spring, and deliciousness

I started and finished reading Sarah’s Key this week.

The book club that I was in last year was on hiatus and is finally being revived and Sarah’s Key was April’s selection. I enjoyed this book about a woman’s journey to investigate a young girl’s experience during The Holocaust but would have liked more Holocaust story and less of the modern day. It was no Night, but it was good.

In any case, it just feels good to be able to finish a book in less than a month’s time, after having read Storm of Swords and Feast for Crows.

DSCF2271Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay

I bought another 10 class pass to the Moksha Yoga studio.

In yesterday’s class I almost got myself into full expression of peacock pose (mayurasana). I got closer than ever. I was really excited. Now I have yet another pose that I’m keen on mastering.

Peacock PoseMayurasana – What a cute print! (source)

27 Mar

Four Things

A Feast for Crows is lacklustre and and boring in comparison to A Storm of Swords which I read last month. None of my favourite storylines are in this book. I’m about 3/4 through it and not much has happened at all.

On the bright side, Game of Thrones Season 3 starts in T minus 5 days.

Feast For Crows

Matt brought home pheasant today! He bought two from someone at work who hunted them. I’m pretty excited to try it because I’ve never had pheasant before and I love trying new foods.

Luckily his friend de-feathered and packaged it nicely for us. I don’t know what I would have done had Matt brought home a carcass feathers and all.


The package says Matt Skin which is kinda gross if you think about it. Don’t worry, it’s poultry.

It’s like Willy Wonka, but real! In the most epic marketing campaign I’ve ever heard of, Tate & Lyle Sugar created an eight-room Tasting House in London where nearly everything was some form of edible dessert like a meringue rug, fudge windowsills, and pillows made of spongecake. It’s my dream come true!

See more pictures here and here and here.


The pillows and the book are both edible!

I notice a huge difference between practicing yoga at home and going to the hot yoga studio. It’s partly because I slack off a little more when I practice alone, partly because the heat makes me more limber and lets me push myself farther, and partly because the interaction with the instructors is so helpful.

It might be time to buy another set of class passes.


21 Mar

Winter Bucket List Reassessment

It’s officially SPRING! Though this literally freezing weather is still a bit too wintery to declare spring truly sprung in Windsor. It’s been snowing for the last few days and the weather doesn’t look like its getting warmer any time soon.

I don’t mind too much though. I don’t think I’m ready for warm weather just yet. I’m just happy that the days are so much longer.

And now it’s time to take a look back at the Winter Bucket List I set out for myself way back in December.

Bake a Panettone (Check!)


My favourite Italian yeast cake!

I considered doing a fun variation but instead I stick with a traditional recipe filled with raisins and candied citrus peel that I soaked in lots and lots of coconut rum.

I made the panettone for Tina’s birthday back in February.

Go Ice Skating (Not really)

"Skating for Tina's Birthday"

Did I go skating? Well, not technically. The night we planned on going out it had snowed so much that the rink was full of snow and there was a cleaning crew clearing it so we went out drinking instead (makes total sense, eh?).

We headed out back to the ice much, much later but everyone was too cold to put their skates on, save for one brave soul.

Make a Soufflé (Check!)


Once I purchased a soufflé dish I was ready and willing to make a kick-ass soufflé. I went with a recipe for Herb and Goat Cheese Soufflé from the cookbook Keys to the Kitchen by Aida Mollenkamp which turned out SO delicious and fluffy and I couldn’t wait to make another.

. . . but then I dropped my brand new soufflé dish and it shattered into a million pieces. So that was the end of soufflé making for Sam.

But, on the bright side, Aida Mollenkamp commented on my blog post so it was pretty much worth it. Wicked awesome.

Enjoy a Warm, Crackling Fire

Never happened. Wah wah waaaaaaah.

Build a Snowman (check!)


Totally did! And I did it in my front yard where the whole neighbourhood wondered what the fuck I was doing on my hands and knees, rolling balls of snow.

In the process I learned that making snowmen is a fun way to clear the driveway.

Watch The Muppet’s Christmas Carol (check!)

Muppets Christmas Carol! Favourite Movie

Damn right I did! It’s my favourite Christmas Movie.

Matt and I watched it for our December Date Night when our downloaded version of The Dark Knight Rises turned out to be a dud. Yes, we really did go from The Dark Knight to The Muppets.


So all in all I managed to get 4.5/5 bucket list wishes crossed off this winter. Next year I’m gonna cross them off all in one shot. I’ll go skating then warm up by a crackling fire whilst watching Muppets Christmas Carol and eating souffle and panettone for dessert. Why didn’t I think of that this year?

05 Mar

Celebrity Look Alike

Lately my friends and I have been discussing who would play us in a movie version of our lives.

It’s a fun game but it can be really hard (especially if your celebrity knowledge is weak). We were trying to think of actors similar to us in age, face shape, colour, and general features. And preferably a celebrity we don’t hate.

I was leaning toward Zooey Deschanel for her big eyes and pale complexion, though nobody was entirely convinced she’d make a good Sam.

Tina mentioned America Ferrera and was like, “Yes! Totally!” She’s got my dark features and a similar body shape and most importantly I think she’s awesome (I was an avid Ugly Betty viewer and thought she was amazing in Real Women Have Curves and The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants).

But my other friends disagreed.

Me + America Ferrera
Well? Not Bad Right?

So I plugged my picture into this celebrity look alike generator. There are a few on the net but picked this one since I didn’t have to put in my e-mail info to use it.

I ran it twice just to be sure. (Actually I ran it three times but in one picture my hair was pulled back and the generator thought I was a man, not unlike Gary Sinise. It should probably have the functionality to allow you to specify your gender.)

Run 1:

Eva Mendes is cool. Slightly older of an actress than I’d like to see play me, but I can see the resemblance. What I can’t see is Katherine Heigl or Naomi Watts (or is that just because I can’t picture a blonde looking like me?)

Celeb Look Alike

Run 2:

Eva Longoria is gorgeous so I’m not complaining.

Celeb Look Alike 2

Eva Mendes and Kim Kardashian are the only two that show up in both runs, so maybe there’s something to that.

But, I still think I’d prefer America Ferrera play the part of Samantha in the movie of my life.

What do you guys think?

04 Mar

What’s Cooking Expo

On Saturday Matt and I went to the What’s Cooking Expo at the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit. The show was made up of live cooking demonstrations, hands-on workshops, and food sampling by exhibitors.

The expo started at 12pm but we didn’t get there until 2pm. In hindsight I wish that we had gone earlier so that we could see more demos (Michelle Bommarito was presenting at 12) and take part in more of the workshops.

On the bright side we did get to to see Carla Hall demo a Squash Soup and a Rustic Mushroom Tart.

Carla Hall (6)

I’ve loved Carla ever since she first appeared on Top Chef Season 5. I was gunning for her to win it (she didn’t, but she came so close!). She’s really lively and animated and fun and she seems like a genuinely nice person. Also her recipes are really good.

The coolest part was when she was rolling out the crust for the tart and lamented about how terrible it is when you roll a pie crust out and it sticks to the counter. As I was nodding my head in sympathy she pointed at me and said

“Girl, you know! You know what I’m talking about!”

That was great.

After seeing Carla we walked around to sample food at some of the vendors and I might have eaten some sweets, guys :/
The mac and cheese croquettes (on the left) were probably the best thing up for sample.

Mac & Cheese CroquettesMini Doughnuts

When we were sure that we sampled absolutely everything, we went to a workshop by Sweet Heather Anne on piping techniques. She focused on simple techniques which is fine with me since my skills at piping are terrible.

What's Cooking - Piping Techniques (1)

We practiced piping with royal icing on some parchment paper first and then we got to decorate our own cookie.

What's Cooking - Piping Techniques (10)What's Cooking - Piping Techniques (9)

My cookie probably could use the help of an expert hand.

What's Cooking - Piping Techniques (12)

01 Mar

Lent Update

We’re over 2 weeks into Lent and I figured I’d give a little check in.

No sugar and no judgement. I’ve somehow decided it would be a good idea to remove from my life the keystones that my whole self is built upon.

no sugar

On my Sugar Free eating:

So far so good. For the most part.

I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t been checking that everything I eat is completely sugar-free but my focus is more on ensuring that I stay away from obvious sweets than the sugar in my crackers or my nonna’s pasta sauce.

But I have been staying away from desserts. My dessert cravings may have decreased a little (a very little) but not my sugar cravings. I’ve been eating tonnes of fresh and dried fruit to keep my taste buds satisfied . . . but I could really, really go for a cookie right now. I miss cookies hard.

On Being Judgmental

Also, for Lent I’ve been trying to better myself by attempting to be less judgmental. I know it’s not exactly a switch that you can turn off, but at least I can be more aware of times that I’m being judgmental and I try to let it go.

So when a girl beside me in the change room at the gym spritzes perfume and lint rolls her yoga pants, my initial reaction is to roll my eyes in annoyance at the necessity of a pre-workout beauty routine. But then I think

“Let it go. Why is this your business anyway? There’s nothing wrong with her wanting to look good.

Besides, she’s probably thinking you’re a smelly slob who should put on deodorant anyway.”

I guess being less judgmental is making me self conscious by thinking other people are judging me. . .
hmmm . . . I don’t think that’s how this thing is supposed to work.

26 Feb

I Made a Snowman

Snowman!No, in fact I did not use shit for his nose, in spite of how it looks

. . . because the snow conditions were perfect.

. . . because I wanted to cross something off my Winter Bucket List

. . . because I share my interests with 4 year olds

. . . and because I wanted to get a selfie with a snowman.


You can imagine my grief when I came home to find my snowman faceplanted into the cement as if someone dropkicked him.

February 2012
My he rest in peace.


24 Feb

I drink a lot

My internet friend Nicole at Just Live It is hosting Bloggers Like Us where a group of bloggers answer one question a month to learn more about each other.

Last month was Where Do You Blog From Most Often?

This month is

What do you sip on to get your day started?

I wish I could show you a picture of a saucer and cup filled with a foamy cappuccino sprinkled with cinnamon and sitting on a café table lit by the early morning sun.

But I’ll be honest and show you this:

I drink a lot

Yes, that’s nearly 3 litres of beverage that I consume in the morning at my cubicle (if the phone and fluorescent lighting don’t give that away).

From left to right:

Water in the pink water bottle that I’ve been carrying with my everywhere for the last 5 years.

Green smoothie in a green bottle: Soy milk, protein powder, and spinach.

Hot green tea in the thermos Matt bought me for Christmas this year.

Needless to say, I take frequent bathroom breaks throughout the day.