Bikini Confidence

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I started blogging as an insecure, perpetually chubby 24 year old woman with a body image complex and a lofty goal to don my first bikini and on my 25th birthday– my Bikini Birthday— I did just that.

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My Bikini Birthday

One of the most difficult parts of wearing a bikini wasn’t exercising and eating properly, but breaking out of my self-disparaging attitude. I may still have my moments of self-judgment, but my confidence in myself has come such a long way and the whole Bikini Birthday process taught me a lot about myself along the way. I learned to be confident in what I see in the mirror: strength, femininity, and beauty.

The Bikini Confidence Series is a kick-ass collection of guest posts from readers who share stories of their relationship with their body.

I started the series as a way to get inspiration from others so that I could gain the confidence to look in the mirror and remind myself that I am strong, brilliant, and beautiful.

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