10 Oct

Links for a Thanksgiving Morning

happy thanksgiving

Something to read with your Thanksgiving Morning coffee…

The pill is linked to depression – and doctors can no longer ignore it – The Guardian

As soon as this research dropped, the experts lined up to deliver their usual mix of gaslighting and paternalistic platitudes. We’re told not to be alarmed, concerned, or deterred from continuing to use our hormonal contraceptives, mostly by men who have never and will never take them themselves.

Don’t Find Hillary Clinton ‘Likable’? Here’s Why – Bust

Essentially: Clinton’s flaws make her unlikable. But that’s not the case for male politicians. In fact, it’s often their flaws that make them likable. After all, on paper the idea of an old disheveled man yelling sounds downright unpleasant. But in practice Bernie Sanders is an utterly charming and refreshing political figure.

The Psychology of Victim-Blaming – The Atlantic

While people tend to be able to accept natural disasters as unavoidable, many feel that they have a little more control over whether they become victims of crimes, that they can take precautions that will protect them. Therefore, some people have a harder time accepting that the victims of these crimes didn’t contribute to (and bear some responsibility for) their own victimization.

Jumping Back to Plank in Yoga: What’s the Big Deal? – Jenni Rawlings

The fact that the burpee, which involves jumping back into plank pose repetitively, is so prevalent in the fitness world and is also included in research studies suggests to me that it has not been found by fitness professionals or sports scientists to be particularly injurious for the body.

The Shame of Fat Shaming – NY Times

Even the public health campaigns meant to prevent obesity can contribute to the stigma, researchers say, because the implicit message is that anyone who really wants to — anyone who eats well and exercises regularly — can be thin.

Fitness Trackers Aren’t About Losing Weight – The Atlantic

It seems to start with the idea that fitness-tracking devices carry what’s known as a health halo. Wearing fitness trackers gives people a sense that they are doing something good for themselves, even if only subconsciously, by the very act of owning and wearing it.

Slowmo royal video inspires rapid-fire tweet storm – Macleans

Kensington Palace tweeted out video of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George and Princess Charlotte at an outdoor children’s party in Victoria. The family moves around in slow motion, playing with bubbles and balloons, to the sound of lagging, thumping music. Many people posted comments describing the video as “creepy” and “morose,” while others compared it to a trailer foe a horror movie.

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