07 Aug

Links for a Sunday Morning

Chef David Chang’s Unified Theory of Deliciousness – WIRED

Normally we think of a balanced dish as being neither too salty nor undersalted. I think that’s wrong. When a dish is perfectly seasoned, it will taste simultaneously like it has too much salt and too little salt. It is fully committed to being both at the same time.

It’s been a breakout summer for mom jeans – Quartz

Some young women may wear them ironically, but plenty genuinely like the booty-enhancing shape, which fits with a broader ’90s nostalgia happening in fashion.

Why this magazine is ditching the ‘body shaming’ language – LA Times

It was reader feedback that prompted her to drop such phrases as “bikini body” and the “drop two sizes” type of language from its cover. “We wanted to make sure we were staying modern and check ourselves. It’s not only about, ‘I have to be a certain size.’ We really want to promote health and wellness, not anxiety and issues.”

How Language Affects Your Fitness and Weight Loss Practice – Mark’s Daily Apple

When we say “should,” we’ve immediately sidestepped ownership of our own motivation. “Should” declares that outside influences are more important than our own desires. As logical as this assertion might be at times, at others it can set up a conflicting division between what we want for ourselves and what we’ll do instead.

What Babies Know About Physics and Foreign Languages – NY Times

The experimenter acted like a teacher. She said, “I’m going to show you how my toy works,” instead of “I wonder how this toy works.” The children imitated exactly what she did, and didn’t come up with their own solutions. The children seem to work out, quite rationally, that if a teacher shows them one particular way to do something, that must be the right technique, and there’s no point in trying something new.

How does Montreal maintain its enviably low rents? – Globe and Mail

The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the Montreal metro area is $760. The Toronto average is $1,288. In Vancouver, it’s $1,368. In all, just a handful of Canadian cities have cheaper rent than Montreal – and then only much smaller, sleepier communities such as Saint John and Trois-Rivières.

Ghostwriter: The Most Literary ’90s Kids Show – The Atlantic

In fact, it was the only series I can remember that actually dramatized the creative process so thoroughly. I learned early to embrace that drafts are often very different than final versions, and that collaboration with peers and editors was not simply necessary, but an enjoyable part of the creative process.

Do Olympians Have Better Genes Than You And Me? – Fast Company

What if parents try to push their children toward certain sports based on [genetic] information that isn’t very determinative? Another concern is that coaches start testing their athletes, and using the information to differentiate between them. One could imagine a spreadsheet of sorts with a list of athletes and their genetic information.


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