17 Jun

Express Power Vinyasa Yoga Podcast

A quickie for your hamstrings this  35min Power Vinyasa yoga class I taped out of my home studio will strengthen and lengthen the posterior legs. Upbeat music as always.

12 Jun

Links for a Sunday Morning

Running was for weirdos. Here’s how it became normal. – Vox

Running wasn’t just socially awkward, either — for a while, it was a form of punishment for prisoners, via the treadmill. Throughout the 19th century, treadmills were occasionally used as a form of hard labor, including for prisoners like Oscar Wilde.

A 100 Year Old Japanese Stationary Store Lets Customers Design the Perfect Notebook – Quartz

For about $9 per 60-page notebook, you can mix-and-match ruled, lined, and blank pages in various hues; debate the spectrum of notebook cover choices; and obsess over the right spiral binding color.

Women’s period seen as barrier to medical research – CBC

Excluding women from drug trials creates an imbalance. Millions of women and men are prescribed the same drugs every day. Yet some of those drugs were tested only on men.

Windsor losing out on new homes boom, say developers – Windsor Star

Windsor has two notable disadvantages: higher development fees and a lack of readily available land with access to services. “The next area for growth will be near the airport, but that land is not ready yet,”

Why Christopher Kimball Is Moving On From America’s Test Kitchen – NY Times

The big idea is to bring techniques from the world’s kitchens to America’s Wednesday night dinner table. It’s a bold pivot for a man whose magazines rarely showcased ethnic recipes.

Dope and glory: the rise of cheating in amateur sport – Guardian

Those involved in sport at various levels describe how social media has combined with disposable incomes, vanity and the dirty example of the Armstrong era to create a new normal for many amateurs. But what motivates the no-name cheats among us? And where should we draw the line when we chase not riches and hero status, but arbitrary goals and bragging rights?

How to Play Like a Girl – The Atlantic

Namely, Lego found that girls and boys played with Legos differently from one another. They consistently had distinct ideas about how to interact with the same toys they encountered—expectations that seemed to be drawn along gender lines in focus group after focus group. Lego had stumbled into a dynamic that’s as familiar as it is controversial; the idea that boys and girls, from a very young age, construct starkly divergent worlds for play.

The Weird History of Vitamin D – Washington Post

So necessary is this process to life on this planet that some have theorized the dinosaurs died out in part because — when the debris from an infamous asteroid blocked out the sun — the creatures couldn’t produce enough vitamin D to carry on.