13 Sep

Links for a Sunday Morning

Rule your mind

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Choose Work Over Your Workout – Huffington Post

Deciding not to skip your workout can improve your cognitive function and change your perspective. Taking a walk around the building, running the stairs or joining a group fitness class might be just what you need to spark your creativity, come up with a new solution or find the energy complete those projects.

Rupert Murdoch just bought National Geographic. Here’s the problem everybody should be talking about. – Salon

A bastion of popular science is now controlled by a very prominent climate change denier who, despite his company’s assurances of editorial integrity, has spent decades interfering with the independence of his properties. A tabloid king could now apply the values of the New York Post to one of the world’s oldest magazines.

The Scotiabank Giller Prize Presents Its 2015 Longlist

The twelve titles were chosen from a field of 168 books – a record number of books in the prize’s twenty-two year history – submitted by 63 publishers, from every region of the country.

The Impact Bias: How to Be Happy When Everything Goes Wrong – James Clear

What researchers find is that when people actually suffer a traumatic event like living through an earthquake or becoming a paraplegic their happiness levels are nearly identical six months after the event as they were the day before the event.
How can this be?

10,000 Yogis Wear White For Heavily-Sponsored Yoga Event In Central Park – Yoga Dork

On September 2nd, 10,000 yogis dressed in their uniform white, marched to Central Park’s Great Lawn, took their designated spots on their regimented yellow mats, sipped their sponsored Fiji water, and saluted the sun for the cameras.


One important note is that while strengthening doesn’t stiffen our muscles, it will stiffen up our connective tissue (which is distinct from, although interwoven with, our muscle tissue) – but this is actually a desirable outcome. . . we want our connective tissue to be stiff so that it can be strong, resilient, and less vulnerable to injury.

Windsor man with cancer having party to say goodbye while he still can – The Windsor Star

“The idea is to live now. Now is the only thing we own. Now is the only thing we have control over.”

05 Sep

Links for a Sunday Morning

Shake the World

Is Chipotle evil? This ad campaign says absolutely – Washington Post

“There’s nothing false at all about our advertising or marketing, but there are legitimate ways to challenge these sorts of things. Launching a smear campaign isn’t one of them. It’s actually just pretty infantile.”

The Travel Jacket That Raised More Than $9 Million on Kickstarter. – CN Traveller

Clothing brand BauBax launched a Kickstarter campaign on July 7 for what can only be described as the Swiss Army knife of jackets, with 15 built-in features for travelers, and people have been quick to show their support.

Charm and Make Friends Fast with These Questions – Wall Street Journal

A protocol called “Fast Friends” helps strangers establish “interpersonal closeness” in 45 minutes. The key? Both subjects need to gradually disclose personal information.

Why Every Church Needs a Drag Queen – The Atlantic

It’s an unusual mix: a stated commitment to socially progressive values, and a stated commitment to tradition. But perhaps this misconception—that progressive values and traditional worship can’t mix—is one reason why some Americans have felt like they don’t have a place at church.

Taylor Swift Is Dreaming Of A Very White Africa – NPR

Colonialism was neither romantic nor beautiful. It was exploitative and brutal. The legacy of colonialism still lives quite loudly to this day. Scholars have argued that poor economic performance, weak property rights and tribal tensions across the continent can be traced to colonial strategies. So can other woes. In a place full of devastation and lawlessness, diseases spread like wildfire, conflict breaks out and dictators grab power.

10 Reasons I Take Off My Shirt In Yoga Class – MindBodyGreen

Whenever I take my shirt off, I notice that a lot of the women who might normally declare, “I’d never take my shirt off in yoga,” begin to feel more comfortable in their own body.

Why Rush-Hour Traffic Isn’t the Best Way to Rank Urban Mobility – CityLab

By reducing urban mobility to rush-hour commuting, you’re missing the 20-some hour window of the day where metro areas have an underused (if not ghostly) roadway system as well as an underfunded city transit system—whose poor performance ironically leads more people to rely on cars.

The Racial Dot Map shows the world just how segregated metro Detroit is – Metro Times

Roving from big city to big city, you begin to see how some cities are more integrated than others. Some have distinct parts of town where racial groups tend to live, while other areas are blurs of multicolored dots.

And then there’s Detroit.

Why is everyone becoming a yoga teacher now? – Wall Street Journal

Studio owners say teacher training has become a kind of advanced course for people seeking a deeper yoga education after years of taking regular classes.