18 Jul

Links for a Sunday Morning

The world would be better off

How Do You Know You’re a Woman? – NY Mag

It’s no coincidence that the colleague who asked [this question] is transgender. Her point was to push a variety of women to answer a question that she’d been asked countless times.

Millenials who are thriving financially have one thing in common – The Atlantic

Millennials who are lucky enough to have some, or all, of a college tuition’s burden reduced by their parents have a leg up on peers who are saddled with student debt, and they’ll be able to more quickly move out on their own, and maybe even buy their own house. And that matters a lot in the long run.

Living on tree-lined streets has health benefits, study finds – The Toronto Star

“I would love for the city to look at these results and say, in addition to dealing with all the other systemic issues that have to be looked at, what if we start thinking about reforesting these neighbourhoods.”

This is how sand looks magnified up to 300x – Bored Panda

Comparing something to a grain of sand is usually supposed to mean that it’s small or insignificant, but Dr. Gary Greenberg’s microscopic photography aims to turn this stereotype on its head.

What an open marriage taught me about feminism – NY Mag

What surprises most people is when I tell them it’s not the sex-with-other-men that bothers me. The sex is the easy part, the fun part. It’s what the sex connects to, stands for, reveals that can be difficult.

Science weighs in on high heels – NY Times

The ratio of strength between the muscles on the sides of the ankles and those at the front and back became increasingly unbalanced over years of wearing heels, contributing to ankle instability and balance problems and eventually to a decline in the strength.

Windsor women trail behind men in quality of life – Windsor Star

Despite women being more likely than men to complete high school, college or university in Windsor, they are less likely to find jobs. Windsor women earn 77 cents for every dollar their male counterparts earn. Twenty-four per cent of women in Windsor are living below the Low Income Measure compared to 15 per cent of men.

Blame the Banks (long read) – The Atlantic

The narrative of southern borrowers as the victims of only their own incompetence, sloth, and greed was further encouraged and politicized by passing any future losses from Greece onto the European public, mostly the northern European public, encouraging an us-versus-them mentality. It was policy dressed in nationalism: the antithesis of everything the common currency was supposed to stand for.

Lululemon Diaries: My Life in an Exploitative Libertarian Happiness Cult – Jezebel

Lululemon is all about ideals. The man and woman Lululemon designs for and creates marketing for is called our “muse”: the man is called Duke, and the woman is called Ocean. Anything you do, you appeal to that ideal, imaginary muse. Ocean makes six figures, she doesn’t want to have kids, she has a master’s degree, her core workout is yoga and she also likes running and spinning. The whole idea is that your guest is never going to actually be Ocean. It’s aspirational. They can try, but they’ll never be.

The Myth of Big, Bad Gluten – NY Times

The modern immune system appears to have gone on the fritz. Maybe we should stop asking what’s wrong with wheat, and begin asking what’s wrong with us.

You May Be Getting More Sleep Than You Think – Wall Street Journal

There are many theories about the disconnect between subjective and objective sleep. Some studies suggest that worry is linked to a misperception of sleep. Also, some research has revealed that people with insomnia have more high-frequency brain waves—ones that are usually associated with wakefulness—while they are sleeping.

The Captivity of Motherhood – The Atlantic

What kind of choice is it when your career as an attorney or investment banker demands that you stay at the office 60 hours a week or opt out of the workforce altogether? When a husband’s significant income gives a woman the “luxury” to stay home with her children, she’ll often feel compelled to choose that option.

05 Jul

Links for a Sunday Morning


Why the worst time to drink coffee is actually in the morning – Washington Post

But drinking coffee shortly after waking up, as it turns out, is actually a bit counterproductive. Not only does it undermine the caffeine’s effect, but it tends to lead people to build a tolerance for the drug, thereby diminishing its effect down the road.

100% is Overrated – The Atlantic

When people perform well (academically or otherwise) at early ages and are labeled smart or gifted, they become less likely to challenge themselves. They become less likely to make mistakes, because they stay in their comfortable comfort zone and stop growing.

Forgetting the Pain of Exercise – NY Times

In general, pain associated with a positive experience tends to be perceived as less excruciating at the time than pain resulting from something rotten.

First came truth. Now comes the hard part. – Maclean’s

Simply put, to be stripped from your parents and then in turn stripped of the tools to become a parent, the pattern repeating for generations, has a high toll attached.

The bizarre thing that happens when people take diet drugs – Washington Post

There’s a funny, kind of counterintuitive thing that happens when many people take weight-loss drugs: they gain weight . . But it isn’t necessarily because the drugs themselves don’t work.