30 Oct

Hollaback Street Harassment Video

I’m mad. I hate being mad, but here it is.

I’m sure by now you have all seen the 2-minute Hollaback Street Harassment video of a number of street harassment experiences of a woman who spends 10 hours walking the streets of New York. If not, click here.

It has certainly brought street harassment into the spotlight.

The point of the video was to show what street harassment is and to let men know that, hey, by the way, not all woman like someone shouting ‘hi beautiful’ at them in the street. Or even ‘have a nice day’. It may seem harmless to some but what they may not know is that it makes many women uncomfortable and even afraid. The point of the video was to bring awareness to the fact and maybe encourage men to think “oh, maybe I shouldn’t shout at women in the street”.

But judging by the reactions that I’ve seen on twitter and facebook, it seems that in an attempt to inform men about what makes many of us feel unsafe, we’ve managed to trample on men’s fundamental right objectify women. They’re in an uproar that they can’t “be friendly” to women on the street. And of course the woman in the video is a bitch for completely ignoring the men who harassed her.

Here’s the thing: there is a vast difference between a courteous hello to a passerby and street harassment and when you’ve experienced street harassment you know that the intention is anything but courteous.

I live in a small city now. In fact, I live in an even smaller town butting up next to a small city. When I walk down the sidewalks or parks I am overwhelmingly pleasant and the people I encounter tend to be neighbours. I catch people’s eyes and say hello. Sometimes I even mutter something about the weather. I almost never feel like I’ve been harassed or objectified. I almost never feel like I need to walk away quickly or pretend like I never heard what people say.

Things were vastly different when I lived in a big city and my main form of transportation was my own two feet. All the hi there‘s and have a nice day‘s and smile!‘s did not feel like pleasant interactions between two civilized individuals. Their intention was clear and they felt like harassment. The words were often spoken with an appraising gaze (or stare), a rubberneck, and a tone that implied “I think you’re sexy and I have a right to say so”.

Sometimes I found it funny, other times annoying, but overwhelming I felt uncomfortable. And I’m not a person who is easily unnerved.

I quickly learned that the best way to handle these interactions was to completely ignore the men. Responding with pleasantries resulted in unwanted conversation with the catcaller that made me even more uncomfortable. Responding with an angry glare or comment resulted in unwanted confrontation that made me feel even less safe. Pretending that I didn’t hear or see anything was the only option.

That is the whole point that this video is addressing. Women want to feel safe and comfortable walking down the street and you’re making this hard for many of us. We’re suggesting that this isn’t the best way to interact with women in the street. We’re telling you, blatantly, that we don’t like this. Please stop.


If you really do have the best of intentions when you shout “hey beautiful” at a woman in the street then you’ll respect that it’s not always well received. You’ll understand that your right to make those remarks should not trump her right to feel safe. You’ll respect what you’ve just learned. You’ll stop.

While I’m mad that many men are responding so harshly to this video my heart is uplifted by all the men who have had positive response to it. You are our advocates and we desperately need you. We’re trying our hardest to make all men understand what we’re going through with street harassment and all forms of harassment and objectification but we need men on our side to help us make the message clear. If men tell other men it’s not okay, maybe they’ll listen.

Please share this with those who feel that the street harassment video is “an attack on masculinity”, or represents women’s “irrational fears”, or showed men who were “just being nice”.

And also share this:

America’s catcalling madness – from Salon

[Potential street harassment is] always context specific, which is something that a lot of men who are mad right now don’t seem to get. Women know the difference.

And this:

6 Things You Might Not Think Are Street Harassment – Bustle

For someone to argue about the relative threat level of the words themselves is to completely signify a lack of understanding about where the real perceived threat comes from. In other words, if you tell a woman that an act of “harassing” wasn’t, in fact, “harassment”, all you’re saying is: “I don’t understand anything about the experience of living your life.”

29 Oct

Yoga Bingo: Fun, Challenging, and Fruitful

This article is a guest post provided by Anna Nixon.

If the popularity of games like WiiFit and Dance Beat teaches us anything, it’s that the best way to get (or stay) fit is by having fun. At the same time, achieving the wellness you desire is all about challenging yourself and pushing your limits, and with a quick game of Yoga Bingo, you and your fellow yogis can accomplish this.

Yoga and bingo have more in common than you might think, often lending themselves to different causes throughout the years. For example, while a yoga event is currently being organized in support of breast cancer patients, Free Bingo Hunter also reports that bingo games for Breast Cancer Awareness have also been organized. These two activities come together in Yoga Bingo.

Conceptualized by Maria Finnegan Fitness, Yoga Bingo is a fun and easy game that tests your knowledge of yoga positions and challenges your resolve as it puts you in a competition against your fellow yogis. Playing the game is easy, as all you’ll need are some plain bingo cards and some markers or bingo chips. List down 24 different yoga positions, and use a bingo card generator to create several sets of bingo cards from your list of yoga positions. Next, make the bingo call cards by writing down the positions on strips of paper and putting them in a box that you can draw from.

Once you’re ready to play, hand out the Yoga Bingo cards and start drawing positions from the box. Whenever a position is called, the players need to perform them, and then mark them off on their bingo cards with markers or bingo chips. The first to finish a pattern on their card wins the game. Sure, there’s no guarantee that playing the game regularly will help you nab first place in the Yoga Asana Championships, but it’s a great way to practice all the different yoga positions, and even challenge yourself.

28 Oct

Weekend Do-Over

I woke up this morning, Monday, thinking it was Saturday so my week has started off in grand fashion. I slept in an extra 10 minutes, feeling exhausted and thought, “well, at least it’s deload week.” I guess I just want this week to be over. This weekend was active enough for me to need another weekend from my weekend.


Friday night my friend Santina and I went to an Acrobatics Workshop put on by the Sky Society, a group of local performers.

Acro Workshop (6)I’m flying!

They showed us how to work with our bodies and our partner’s to perform acrobatic stunts that involved balance, counter balance, climbing on each others’ backs and legs, and virtually flying. We semi-joked they would make good party tricks. They kinda would.

Acro Workshop (13)What a nifty backpack Santina makes.

I think I enjoyed being the ‘base’ partner rather than the flying partner, but back-bending while perched on Santina’s feet and chin-standing on her back were pretty, I must admit.


I taught my usual AM yoga classes and then hosted a Prenatal Yogassage workshop at Breathe Pilates Studio. I was a bit nervous to teach it (as I tend to get when I’m teaching something that is not my normal class) but I think most of the women enjoyed it and the feedback was positive. The class involves really relaxing poses with lots of props and a team of massage therapists who give each woman a massage while they are in the poses. I mean, who doesn’t love a good massage, amiright? My friend Katie who is in her second trimester was in the class and we got to have lunch together at Taloola afterward to catch up. Saturday night was date night. Matt and I made Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam. I had put Swedish meatballs on the menu for the week because I was so sure that Matt and talked about craving them but he swears he didn’t. Regardless, they’re delicious. I tried a new recipe from Saveur (you can find it here) which, I think, turned out better than previous recipes I’ve tried.

We spent the rest of the evening with Tim Hortons’ hot chocolate and treats (a chocolate chip cookie for Matt and cruller for me) while curling up on the couch with Bagigis watching Dark Shadow. I like Tim Burton and Johnny Depp but this movie was just mediocre.


After teaching at 8:30am I met up with my family for breakfast at Cora’s to celebrate my Nonna’s 91st birthday. 91. She’s amazing. As soon as the Detroit Lions game ended (rather remarkably too), I dragged Matt to the park play catch with me and take advantage of the warm day and crystal clear skies. Later that afternoon, I took even more advantage of the weather by doing yoga outside among the sunshine and fallen leaves before heading off to teach again. Outdoor Yoga My 5pm class was PACKED which I haven’t seen in a long time and was so excited about. So excited, in fact, that I got the class into a mid-practice dance party as I blared Walk the Moon’s Shut Up and Dance. Some were totally into it other had faces that betrayed their “This is supposed to be yoga, not Zumba” opinion. But once you’re in it, you’re in it, and I was all in. Of course, Sunday night involved eating biscuits and watching the latest episode of my favourite show, Downton Abbey which is always my favourite activity of the week. So, yeah. . . With such a fulfilling weekend I’m not quite sure why I woke up today thinking it was Saturday again. I must just want to do it over.

26 Oct

Links for a Sunday Morning

It Doesn't Get Easier

What Will It Take to Run a 2-HOUR Marathon? – Runner’s World

The perfect sub 2 runner will have the most efficient VO2 Max, will be short and light, and will set the record on a cold day in Germany or Poland.

Canada’s Coverage of the Ottawa Shootings Put American Cable News to Shame – Mother Jones

The broadcast was deliberative and deferential to the facts even when they were sparse. Exacting and painstaking, but never slow or boring, Mansbridge weighed the credibility of every detail, constantly framing and reframing what we knew and, most crucially, how we knew it.

When Gluten Sensitivity Isn’t Celiac Disease – NY Times

Recent studies have strongly suggested that many, and possibly most, people who react badly to gluten may have a more challenging problem: sensitivity to a long list of foods containing certain carbohydrates.

Going yoga: Columbus Blue Jackets add diversity to training – Fox Sports

The classes the team hosts each week focus on exercises that open the hips to address the demands on those muscles from all the skating in practices and games.

Want Kids to Delay Sex? Let Planned Parenthood Teach Them Sex Ed. – Slate

Does an abstain-for-now message work better on young teens than the abstain-until-marriage message did? New research from the Wellesley Centers for Women shows that yes, a comprehensive sex-education program that includes messaging about abstaining for now produces impressive results.

Why Kids Sext – The Atlantic

“Our only way of being alone was to do it over the phone. It was a way of kind of dating without getting in trouble. A way of being sexual without being sexual, you know? And it was his way of showing he liked me a lot and my way of saying I trusted him.”

Stretching Doesn’t Work (the Way You Think It Does) – Breaking Muscle

In reality, we are not lumps of clay that can be molded by persistently tugging on things. This is because our nervous systems are running the show. That means that unless you are under anesthesia your ability to stretch at any range is determined by your nervous system’s tolerance to that range.

Why So Many Women Are Crying at the Gym – Time

For a generation of stressed-out working women, exercise is as much about emotional release as it is physical training.

One-Fifth of Detroit’s Population Could Lose Their Homes – CityLab

“Don’t you think the best way to stop blight is to keep people in their homes?”?

22 Oct

A funny thing happened on the way to the beer store

On Saturday afternoon I went to return months worth of empties to The Beer Store*.

The trunk of my little hatchback was piled high with empty beer bottles, wine bottles, and a shallow box of tallboys precariously placed atop them all. I was confident that nothing shifted around during the drive over, but to be safe I opened my hatch cautiously.

Naturally, there in the centre of the parking lot amongst a multitude of patrons procuring beverages for the upcoming Wings/Leafs game (or whatever they happened to have planned that night) dozens of cans tumbled out of my trunk and scattered all around, littering the asphalt.

I was beyond embarrassed and even more so when a relatively attractive guy came over to try and help me pick them all up and reorganize them. I thanked him and awkwardly tried to explain away my stockpile of over 150 empties.

I loaded all my boxes up onto a cart, except the cans which I perched on my palm like a waiter while pushing the cart across the parking lot with the other. I was doing well, until I got to the Beer Store entrance where I slammed my cart into the door and glass bottles started tumbling to the floor.

A man on his way out of the store with a case of Blue in one hand bent down to pick up my bottles in the other. Turned out to be the same guy who rescued my cans moments earlier. I mumbled something about being a bit of a mess and while he was gracious, I assume he thought I have a drinking problem.

10 minutes later, after I loaded all the empties onto the conveyor and the girl behind the counter counted them all I had over $15. It wasn’t worth it.

This about sums up the whole thing in 140 characters or less:

*Note to International readers, The Beer Store really is THE beer store, as it is one of only two retail stores where you can buy beer in Ontario– the other being the Liquor Control Board. True Fact.

18 Oct

Links for a Sunday Morning

Happy Sunday Morning!


This is your brain on money: Why America’s rich think differently than the rest of us – Salon

All humans all delusional. It is only the rich who have that delusion fostered. All humans are, to some extent, assholes. But only rich people can get away with it.

Canada’s true role in the Mideast conflict – The Globe and Mail

No one underestimates the Islamic State. But the issues are the best ways to combat it and the best contributions Canada can make. ?If the region sees military intervention as just another knee-jerk Western show of force, we all know what the long-term consequences will be.

Rise and Shine! What kids around the world eat for breakfast. – NY Times

Breakfast for a child in Burkina Faso, for example, might well include millet-seed porridge; in Japan, rice and a putrid soybean goop known as natto; in Jamaica, a mush of plantains or peanuts or cornmeal; in New Zealand, toast covered with Vegemite, a salty paste made of brewer’s yeast; and in China, jook, a rice gruel topped with pickled tofu, strings of dried meat or egg.

10 things female students shouldn’t have to go through at university – The Guardian

The truth is, in 2014, it shouldn’t be possible to write a 10-point list of the abuse women have to brave in the process of learning. There’s nothing funny about it at all.

Why all parties should have a seat in the prime minister’s cabinet – Globe and Mail

We live in an era in which centralization around party leaders has made it less evident to the public what potential prime ministers wish to do with power. After nearly 15 years of hyper-partisanship and absence of big ideas, national coalition governments could reinvigorate our country at a time of major global change.

Want a Bigger Deadlift? – Lift Big Eat Big

The best way to put pounds on your deadlift, is obviously by deadlifting. But here are some favorite assistance exercises that help.

Yoga helps war veterans get a handle on their PTSD – Washington Post

The beneficial effects are due to the increased ability to focus on breathing that, firstly, focuses a person on a present moment and breaks rumination on negative traumatic thoughts, and secondly, increases ability of ‘intraception’ – observing and understanding internal states and the ability to control them, or understanding them as temporal and passing.

15 Oct

The Perfect Waist to Hip Ratio

I’m reading this really fascinating book right now called Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain which explains, in simple English, all the things we know and don’t know about how the brain functions. It particularly focuses on how the brain works without our even being aware of it, and the importance of subconscious and instinctual functions to our existence as humans.

I’m only about 1/4 of the way through it but it is quite an interesting read.

One thing that jumped out at me was a chapter about beauty and how we are subconsciously attracted to people who display signs of sexual interest (ex. dilated pupils) or signs of fertility that are brought on by hormone changes (ex. full buttocks in women and broad shoulders in men).

Then there was this paragraph:

Our programs our so ingrained that there is little variation across the population. Researchers (as well as purveyors of pornography) have been able to discern a surprisingly narrow range for the female proportions that males find most attractive: the perfect ratios between the waist and hips usually resides between 0.67 and 0.8. The waist-to-hip ratios of Playboy centrefolds has remained at about 0.7 over time, even as their average weight has decreased. Women with a ratio in this range are not only judged by males to be more attractive, but are also presumed to be more healthy, humorous, and intelligent.

After reading this I promptly calculated my waist to hip ratio. And after calculating it I wondered why I bothered. On the surface I know that the number is irrelevant to my self worth and yet somewhere deeper down (perhaps in my subconscious) I was curious.

These photos were taken around this time last year. My measurements are nearly identical.

First, I felt relieved that my ratio was somewhere in the magic range and then immediately disappointed in myself for that relief. Because what if it were, like, 0.82? I probably would have been bummed out that my waist to hip ratio wasn’t statistically ideal. I probably would have frantically calculated it again just to be sure that, yes, in fact I was less attractive, healthy, humorous, and intelligent than a 0.7.

On the one hand, it’s sad that I still have these lingering feelings of tying my self-worth to physical appearance. But on the other hand, I probably would have stopped my train of thought right there. I probably would not have researched diets or workouts to get a bigger butt or smaller waist or whatever I needed for the ideal ratio. I probably would have told myself  that in the grand scheme of things, this is meaningless. I probably would have reminded myself of all my great traits both physical and not.  And I probably would not have let it get the best of me which I’d have done in the past.

I’ve come far in being comfortable with my body, but sometimes curiosity gets the better of me.

12 Oct

Links for a Sunday Morning

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

North Dakota high school eliminates dangerous threat to male students: Yoga pants – Salon

Dictating that young women change their appearance because they are “distracting” men inherently objectifies them, and it teaches girls to be ashamed of their bodies. Moreover, it sends the wrong message to boys: It tells them that they cannot control themselves or their desires; what’s worse, it also tells them that their inability to respect others is acceptable. No, not just acceptable — it’s worthy of protection. 

The Unsafety Net: How Social Media Turned Against Women – The Atlantic

For online harassers, this is often an overt goal: to silence female community members, whether through sexual slurs or outright threats.

How to make tea correctly (according to science): milk first – The Guardian

The most important discovery in the history of mankind. Fire is a close second, as you need it to boil water.

Mass Mobs fill pews at vacant Detroit churches. – NPR

There’s something special about coming to Mass with so many other people. “To be in attendance when it’s full, as opposed to just the sparse. There’s an electricity that’s amazing.”

Take Charge of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome With Strength Training – Breaking Muscle

Progressive strength training increases the size of skeletal muscle and might enhance the muscles’ ability to manage glucose.

Inflation to a Twenty Something – Marketplace

In real dollars we spend less on everything except rent than twenty years ago.

A Statistical Look at How Turnovers Impact the NFL Season – Minitab

Although they don’t explain everything, turnovers can go a long way in determining whether a team wins or loses. But for the most part, the frequency at which they occur is very random.

Men: How to Crush Any Workout and Win More With Yoga – US News

A strong yoga practice demands that you challenge yourself and work harder than you ever thought you possibly could without running for the door screaming.

Is Bulletproof Coffee Really Good for You? – Globe and Mail

There’s a reason why the Tibetans add butter to their tea: The hot drink wards off the cold temperatures and helps avert hunger during physically demanding days. I’m not sure a sedentary desk job requires a 240-plus-calorie cup of coffee.

07 Oct

Four Things


Teaching yoga to teenage athletes is my new favourite thing. I’ve been teaching vinyasa yoga to a local Minor Midget hockey team, Sun County Panthers, as part of their conditioning and stretching regimen. I had the opportunity to teach to a local high school football team as well. I love it. These guys are skilled athletes but their minds are all over the place and, as I say to them (over and over and over), “the ability to keep your head in the game is what distinguishes the good athletes from the great ones.” Yoga can get them there and it’s awesome to see that idea slowly start to sink in with them. Especially the ones that are serious about getting drafted. Not to mention that a lot of these guys need to build their upper body strength, stretch their inner thighs, and release tightness in the hips. All the things they’ll get out of a vinyasa class.


I’m getting weaker. At least, I feel like I’m not getting stronger as quickly as I’d like to. My grip strength is pathetic and it’s hindering my deadlifting. My squats have been mediocre. I don’t have a weightlifting partner so I’ve been relegated to the smith machine for bench pressing anything over 140lbs. Though I did recently manage a 140lb push press for 2 reps of which I was extremely terrified and subsequently extremely proud. So there’s that.


It happened to me again last week. Some guy at the gym said, “You look good! You look like you’ve lost weight”. While my mental response was “I always look good, sir.” my verbal one was “Thanks. I didn’t.” I’m still holding strong at 166lbs. My opinion on that whole scenario has remained mostly the same since the last time. I’m at the gym frequently enough that it’s not weird that people would notice my body shape; that’s not what is awkward. I appreciate that the man was trying to pay me a compliment but in it lies several untrue implications, including 1)That I want to lose weight, and 2)That I am more attractive when I appear thinner. I certainly don’t fault the guy for his compliment but next time he could try saying something like “Your deadlift form is impeccable.” It’s a compliment that would be much better received.


Everything I know about Danish politics I learned from Borgen. Or I’m starting to learn anyway. I just started watching this political drama from Denmark after reading nothing but good reviews. I want to say it’s like House of Cards except the just and fair main character, Birgitte Nyborg, is the exact opposite of first class asshole Frank Underwood. Maybe that’s why I like it already.