18 Apr

Tea and Cookies

Happy Good Friday! Cheers to a good long weekend.

I started my Good Friday out with breakfast and a delicious cuppa. I had put in an order for some teas from my sister who picks them up for me from Adagio Teas when she’s in Naperville IL. I asked for this Cream Tea on a whim and it’s phenomenal.

I tried it with sugar and cream (which I usually prefer to leave out of my tea) and it’s like dessert in a cup. I suspect it won’t last me as long as I thought it would.

Cream TeaCream Tea

She also picked up some Earl Grey Moonlight black tea and Jasmine Yin Hao green tea for me too. I think I have been crowding out daily tea with increased coffee consumption but frankly I’ve been missing a good cup of tea, yaknowwhatImean?

Vicki also came back with some surprises for me. Knowing full well that I’m a Scandiphile, she took advantage of a Swedish shop to buy me some really cool baking related gifts. I got pearl sugar (which I have been forgoing in all of my Great Scandinavian Baking Book recipes), a Dala horse cookie cutter, and a claddagh cookie stamp.


I tried the cookie stamp twice. The first time, with a rye cookie recipe, it didn’t worked all that great. The stamp just faded into the cookie after it baked leaving me unimpressed with the little reward for the amount of effort I put in.

Today I tried it with a very crumbly shortbread made with lots of flour (recipe here), pressing balls of the dough tightly into the stamp. After baking, I was happy to see that the stamp held up.

Cookie stamp - this cookie was the best oneThis cookie turned out the prettiest

. . . but some of them cracked and looked sorta crappy (which defeats the purpose of stamping them to begin with, I suppose).


Oh well, they’re certain to be tasty with my cream tea.


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