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Holistic Nutrition Recommendations

I’m currently acting as a guinea pig for my friend Sarah who’s studying for her Holistic Nutrition certification from CSNN.

Sarah needed a group of volunteers to act as case studies so she could perform assessments to determine our nutritional needs and get feedback from us as to whether her recommendations are working out.

My Goals

I’m always up for some help in the nutrition department, especially with a holistic bent, and I’m a unique candidate in the sense that I’m a female who is not trying to lose weight but looking to put on lean muscle (ie. gain weight) instead.

I’m hoping to eat well for optimal energy, to put on lean muscle, and to get stronger and improve my weight lifting.

Sarah was happy to take me on as a case. She asked me 4.2 billion questions about my goals, my health history, my mood, my bowel movements…all that fun stuff… and then gave me a list of things to incorporate into my diet to improve my wellbeing and gave sample mealplan of the calories and macros I should be eating.

I implemented her recos last week.


Sarah suggested that I eat:
2400 calories with the mix of 20% protein, 30% fat, 50% carbohydrates.

It’s a reasonable amount of food and should be sustainable for me (I mean, the girl incorporated a cookie into my daily meal plan, how can I not love that?).
I found that I’ve been eating more on days that I weightlifted and less on days I didn’t, but overall I averaged right around the 2400 mark. The mix of fat is a bit higher than I currently eat which she said I need in order to to support hormone function, muscle growth, and calm my crazy sugar cravings.

She also offered me other recommendations like:

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar daily for a lot of reasons like burning body fat and aiding digestion and bloating after meals

– I could use a magnesium supplement for PMS symptoms (much needed!) and muscles recovery.

– I probably have a tryptophan deficiency which causes crazy mood swings. I need more tryptophan foods like spinach and red meat

– My mood swings, along with my complete lack of concentration, might also be because my adrenals are in a resistance phase. She recommended a B complex and maca.

– I should incorporate turmeric into my diet. It’s an anti-inflammatory which can help prevent arthritis (which runs in my family).

– I need more cholesterol to increase testosterone production to get jacked.

. . . among other things.

I e-mailed Sarah this weekend with a longwinded, probably-too-detailed e-mail chronicling how things have been going.

Results, Week 1:

So far, so good. I’ve gained a pound this week. My mood was generally stable and my sugar cravings a bit less intense. I felt a bit bloated and had a couple of headaches midday during the week, but other than that I generally felt well.

I’m going to continue to implement the recommendations for several more weeks and see how this all goes.

Sarah and I

Sarah and I

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