22 Feb


I’ve been talking about snowshoeing for a long time but I’ve never gone because winters in Essex County tend to be dry and have huge temperature ranges so that any snow that does fall melts in about the time it takes to make a snowman.
Not so much this year, with temperatures on par with Iqaluit and more snow than we’ve seen in, um, ever.
So this past family day long weekend I bought my first pair of snowshoes (on sale, by the way) and headed off into the winter wilderness. I’m trying to take advantage of this weather as much as I can.


Hiking in Essex County is boring since it’s flat as the prairies down here, but for some reason hiking through snow is way cooler. I tried navigating my way through a forest (challenging, with all the fallen trees and thorny bushes) and through a farmer’s field (far easier but not quite as interesting), places that I don’t venture to in normal circumstances.

Snowshoing in Flat Essex County

I got a pair of these TUBB’s women’s 25″ trail walking snowshoes. Nothing too intense. They work really well and I sink maybe 3 inches in about 12 inches of snow, so not too shabby.

I’m itching to use them again. It’s an awesome exercise that’s more fun that work (which is how I feel about hiking in general). I put in a solid 4 hours of hiking last weekend because the weather was perfect.

Snowshoeing in the woods

The BIG disappointment is that not a week after my exciting snowshoe purchase we got a big warm front and the clouds have opened up to rain. The snow is melting folks and I don’t like it. I’m holding out that the winter is not over yet (March is a fickle little month) and I’ll have a chance to use my snowshoes again this year.

Snow Angel in Essex CountySnowshoeing in Essex County

I’m not ready for winter to be over. Because that means spring. Sam doesn’t like spring.

If not, there’s always Algonquin. Snowshoe road trip! Winter 2015.

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4 thoughts on “Snowshoes!

  1. Goodness, in the midst of the cold here, I didn’t even think about how cold it must be where you are. Glad you got a chance to snowshoe, though! It’s one of my favorite winter activities/exercises. Hope you’ll get another chance this winter!

  2. Isn’t snowshoeing so much fun!?! 🙂 It really does open a whole new winter wonderland to explore. I hope that you get a bit more snow so that you can go once more… and then I hope spring comes quickly after that. Ha, ha. 🙂 I know that I can’t wait for the warmer weather!!

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