07 Nov

Four Things

The Lost Symbol

I don’t know why I bother reading Dan Brown books. We’re not talking about literary masterpieces here. To his credit, they’re so damn suspenseful that I find them hard to put down, but when I finally finish my reaction is a resounding. . . (ellipsis for suspense)


The Lost Symbol, which I just finished reading, wasn’t any different.

Deadlift word cloud

I hit 250lb deadlifts for 2 reps last night. That’s 1.5x my body weight! (I’ll save you the calculation. I weigh 165lbs) I was really stoked because I was not well-fed before attempting it and I was recovering from a cold. Next milestone: 275lb.


The Global Table Adventure is almost complete.  Global Table Adventure has been my favourite blog for years now. Sasha talks about regional foods and cooks meals from every country in the world from A-Z. I love the writing, the pictures, and the recipes and I love learning about cultural differences and similarities in our dining choices. I hope she continues to share global recipes because I’m going to keep making them.
Some of my favourites? Irish Boxty, Grenadian Oil Down, Trini Stew Chicken, and Sudanese Peanut, Beef, and Spinach Stew


I have a love hate relationship with the Keurig. We have one in my office at work and it’s so damn convenient that I’m having a hard time restricting myself to one coffee a day. I suspect a caffeine addiction will develop very, very soon.


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5 thoughts on “Four Things

  1. suspense is good. good writing is good. too bad about the “meh” finale. sometimes we just need junk reads, like junk food.
    I cannot fathom that deadlift number. Gobsmacked. Impressed is not a strong enough descriptor.
    Global Table… do you also eat what you read about? I love food. Ad cooking. And eating. And reading about it. And on and on. We should talk.
    Is that Keurig one of those little pod things? IMHO, if I am going to have coffee, it’s going to be real, and it’s going to be good. Almost all the time. I grind and brew… not to be a snob, but life is too short to drink fancy Nescafe. Like I say IMHO.
    Won’t see you for a bit… am travelling to Cuba on Saturday… definitely look forward to my next class with you.

    • Very true.
      Thank you! I’m really working on building my strength.
      Of course I eat what I read about! I love cooking almost as much as I love eating.
      It definitely is those pod things. I used to work in a coffee shop so you’d think I’d be above that, but nope. I do espresso or French press at home, but the keurig at the office definitely has the “no-clean-up factor” going for it.
      Have an AMAZING time in Cuba!!

  2. Yes, Keurigs should come with a warning… “You will become addicted to coffee.” And you totally hit the nail on the head with Dan Brown books… I just read Inferno. I couldn’t put it down, but then I felt like the end was… ‘meh’. 🙂

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