21 Jun

A Day in the Life – Yoga Teacher Training Edition

5:15 5:20am Wake-up, make/pack breakfast, rush out the door.

6:00am Follow the Yogi Ashtanga class led by Jonny Kest in Birmingham.

Center for Yoga Birmingham

7:15am Wipe myself down with some baby wipes, change out of my sweaty clothes, and head to Starbucks to eat breakfast and kill time until my next class.

Killing TimeHot coffee and meditation reading on the mean streets of Birmingham, MI

9:00am Move my car from street to the parking garage to avoid having to pay the meter. Kill some more time outside the studio before the 9:45 hot vinyasa class.

Killing Time (2)

9:45am Hot Vinyasa class led by Jonny Kest

Pre-Yoga Class (2)Post Yoga Class
Pre and Post Class

11:05am Drive back home for a much needed shower and a lunch break. Some variation of beans and rice seems to be my food of choice these days.

LunchIs this 2 handfuls?

12:45pm Leave the house for the West Bloomfield studio for lecture.

1:00pm Yoga nap (seriously? it’s just a nap people. Why does everything have to be “yoga”?) or meditation. I opt for meditation so I can get my 20minutes out of the way. I have some really vivid visions about tapestries (literally) which gives me a great idea for a yoga class theme.

1:20pm – 4:00pm We go over the essence of a good vinyasa flow, get together with groups and make up our own variation. My group is all people who are already teachers so I contribute very little.

Then one person from each group leads everyone in the flow and we offer feedback about what we liked or didn’t like. Feedback can get tedious and nit-picky, but can be pretty helpful.

Practice Teaching (5)Testing out our flows.

4:00pm Jonny gives us a lecture on body energy or “prana” (I don’t like to call it prana cause it sounds too new age-y to me.)

5:00pm Class dismissed (on time for once!). I head to Kroger for some groceries. I leave $30 poorer and thoroughly disappointed with their cookie selection.

Grocery ShoppingGrocery shopping loot.

5:45pm Let out my roommates dogs.

Angel & Aurora

6:00pm Start making dinner and doing dishes. This time it’s beans and pulses (not beans and rice) so I’m getting more creative. (This is a super delish recipe for Lentil and Chickpea Salad, by the way)

Dinner Making

7:00pm Eat.

7:20pm-9:30pm Homework, with a tea and cookie break somewhere in there. Side note: the British are totally onto something with Hobnobs.


Tea and CookiesCookie on the left: Hobnobs (AMAZING!), cookie on the right generic Kroger brand (boring).
Not photographed: at least 3 more cookies that I devoured.

9:30pm Blog.

10:00pm Bedtime routine (you know the drill). Set the alarm for 5:15. Goodnight!

12 Jun

Four Things

I have a love/hate relationship with the Michigan Left. On one hand, it’s awesome because regular metro Detroit roads seem to have outrageously fast speed limits and the median u-turn keeps the traffic flowing. On the other hand it can be super annoying to make 2 turns when you only need one.

Michigan LeftSo many signs, so much confusion.

This instrumental violin version of Wiz Khalifa’s Black & Yellow is totally rocking my world right now. I could listen to it all day. One instructor played it at the beginning of a hot vinyasa class and it completely set the mood for me.

We learned about taking ‘Yoga Meals’ which is essentially a meditative eating process that includes sitting, avoiding distractions, and swallowing before taking your next bite. It also means not taking more than 2 fistfuls of food. Bro, do you even lift?
Probably not.

I noticed that since I stopped weightlifting my hunger has plummeted. It’s an interesting observation.

DSCF2749I try to imagine the biggest fists possible.

Taking naps is getting me through these days and the sleeping mask helps tremendously. I am seriously amazed by people who can wake up earlier than 7AM on a daily basis. I’m getting up at 5:15.

Nap Time!

10 Jun

Center for Yoga – Teacher Training

I apologize that I might be MIA for the next few weeks. Yesterday was my first day starting something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time now. . .

Yoga Teacher Training (2)

. . .take a Yoga Teacher Training course.

I sort of eluded to it a little while back but didn’t want to mention it until I was fully immersed in it.

I’m taking the Lifepower Yoga Teacher Training at the Center for Yoga in West Bloomfield and Birmingham Michigan with teachers Jonny Kest and Jason Hulshof.

Yoga Teacher Training (1)

It’s a lot of practice, a lot of lecture, and a lot of group work. It’s basically a lot of everything and it’s exhausting already!

I counted nearly 40 people in our course, which seems like a lot to me, but it’s not like I know from experience what a typical class is like. There are people from all over the country plus me (from Canada, of course) and a guy from Mexico, so we’re an international group.

Yoga Teacher Training (3)

Fitting 200 hours of training into 3 short weeks will take a lot out of me, so excuse me if I’m absent.

Hopefully I’ll be a bit more present on the mat and be able to share with you a whole host of interesting things that I’m learning over the course of my study.

Yoga Teacher Training (5)

03 Jun

Four Things

I have new next door neighbours!

Back in the winter when the house right next to ours went up for sale my sister and brother-in-law bought it! They finally moved in this week and I’m totally elated to have my family so close by.

As soon as we install our cup phones and roof-to-roof zipline we’ll be all set.

Sean & Vic

New Neighbours!

I wrapped up the 30×30 Nature Challenge last week.

I breezed through the first two weeks but finding nature during week 3 was a bit of a struggle since I visited the most concrete of jungles, New York City. And week 4 wasn’t much better with day after day of rain showers that kept me indoors.
Overall, I’d say I was 80% successful in getting at least 30 minutes of nature per day. On most of those days I got an hour and on a few choice weekend days I spent several hours outside.

I’m going to try to keep the challenge rolling while the weather is neither unbearably hot nor cold.

The Cloisters
Finding some greenspace in Manhattan

I really like Muppets

I’m partial to the Sesame Street Muppets, but anything Jim Henson tickles my fancy. I’ve not-so-secretly always wanted to be a puppeteer.

FAO Schwartz in New York was like my dream come true. Not only did they have tonnes of Fraggle toys for the 30th anniversary of Fraggle Rock, but they also have a build-your-own Muppet Workshop. I was really tempted to make a Muppet there, but the puppets seemed kind of low-quality so I passed.

Muppet Workshop

Muppet Workshop 2

Am I a womaaaaaan or am I a Muppet?

I’m versatile

I got nominated for a Versatile Blogger award by Jennifer at Wine to Weightlifting, which is just a fun way of getting bloggers to connect. As a result I need to share 7 random things about myself, so here it goes:

There was that time that I pissed in a watering can.

I hate ‘stuff’. I get stressed out if I ever find myself in a place with an abundance of things that are unused, unnecessary, or excessive.

My least favourite body part to work out is biceps. SO boring.

I don’t like the smell of flowers but I love the smell of wood.

I started doing yoga when I was 10 with a Yoga Mind & Body video that I bought from Wal-mart. It coincided with my incense-burning, poetry-writing “hippie phase”.

I’m really frugal. I track everything we spend money on and always make sure that our budget is on track.

My dream vacation was Greece for as long as I can remember. Last summer Matt and I went there and I still haven’t determined what my new dream vacation will be. In the running are Bali, Thailand, and Newfoundland to name a few.


Chania, Crete