05 Dec

Winter Bucket List

A fall bucket list is easy to make because there are so many fun things to do in the fall.

I was scrounging for things to put on my bucket list for Winter to the point that I almost didn’t want to make one at all. But I thought forcing myself to do something fun this winter would be better than just tucking in and waiting for April.

Bake a Panettone (Check!)

Like This:

Panettone (5)

It’s everyone’s (read: my) favourite Italian yeast cake!

Maybe I’ll try a slight variation on the usual recipe: Coconut? Chocolate? or Gingerbread, perhaps?

Go Ice Skating

I’m a terrible skater but I still like skating. I haven’t gone in years and I think I need to remedy that.

Make a Soufflé (Check!)

Like this:

I’ve never made a soufflé before but I’ve always wanted to. It seems like it would make a good weekend dinner on a winter night.

Maybe I’ll try this recipe from Joe Pastry.

Or one of these recipes from NPR.org.

Or maybe Julia Child’s Cheese Soufflé

But first I need to acquire a soufflé dish.

Enjoy a Warm, Crackling Fire

Preferably outdoors, like this:

I don’t exactly know how I’m going to manage this one. But hopefully at some point this winter I come across a fire that I can warm up with. Maybe with my hands wrapped around a mug of coffee or mulled wine.

My dad has a woodburning fireplace inside. It may come down to me building a fire there.

Build a Snowman (check!)

Yes, really.

Watch The Muppet’s Christmas Carol (check!)

It’s my favourite Christmas Movie. I try catching it on TV every year, but two Decembers ago Matt bought me the DVD so now I can watch it whenever I want!

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10 thoughts on “Winter Bucket List

    • I think snowshoeing would be awesome, but there’s usually not enough snow here, I can basically walk through the snow in boots.
      Ditto for cross country skiing, although I know some people do it on the Greenway or at Point Pelee. I really like cross country skiing; Matt and I did it in Norway. It’s an awesome workout!
      There isn’t anywhere I know of to rent skis though.

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