18 Sep

I’m not training for anything. Really.

In the last two weeks, no less than 3 different people interrupted me in the middle of my weightlifting workout to ask if I was training for something.

“Are you a powerlifter? No? What are you training for?”

“You must be training for something.”

“You don’t see women lifting like that just for fun.”

No, really, I’m not training for anything.

I promise you that I’m doing this just because I like lifting heavy things. I know, it’s shocking, but just try to wrap your mind around that for a second and then let’s all get back to our workouts, mmmkay?

When I told these people (and others who have asked me in the past) that I was just training for fun they seemed a bit surprised and maybe a bit confused, but ultimately impressed, or at least mildly impressed.

It kind of makes me feel like maybe I’m just wasting my time. Maybe actually I should be using my skills and training for something specific.

But I wouldn’t even know where to start or what to train for.
And then, maybe, when up against other people I wouldn’t actually be any good.
Or maybe if I were competing then weightlifting would feel like a chore and wouldn’t be fun any more.

I guess I’m actually really happy just weightlifting for fun.

In any case, it’s flattering to be noticed at the gym, that’s for sure. I’m getting noticed for doing something different, which just goes to show how few women are lifting heavy weights. That should definitely change.

Weightlifting improves your confidence, your body composition, and (evidently) gets you noticed.

Here are some great inspirations for women and weightlifting.

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7 thoughts on “I’m not training for anything. Really.

  1. I totally get this!! I mean, for the past 20 weeks I have been training specifically for a bikini show, BUT before that I wasn’t training for anything and honestly I enjoyed my training more. It wasn’t, “I have to go lift,” it was, “I WANT to lift.” And, yes, I still *wanted* to lift while training for the competition but the fact that it was mandatory kind of took away from the experience, ya know?

    • Exactly! When training is too structured it takes a bit of the freedom away. The freedom you get from maybe switching up your routine because you feel like doing something different, or the freedom to not feel compelled to train when you’re having and off day.

    • It’s funny that I’ve never been asked that about my running. When I was training for the marathon and running for hours and hours on the treadmill, no one ever asked me about it.

  2. That is SO true! I was always a little intimidated to lift weights at my gym, because that section was filled with large, sweaty, grunting men who seemed to mock me with their every breath. It’s inspiring that you do it and that you just do it for YOU! (I need to start lifting as well!)

  3. I remember when you came up with an awesome weight lifting regimen for a guest post on my blog. I guess you really are the weight lifting champion, and you do it because you love it — I don’t get what’s do hard to understand about that? The fact that you do it for you instead of a specific even just shows how much you love it. Keep pumping, Samantha!

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