23 Jul

Greek Frappe Coffee at Home

Last frappe I had in Greece @ Athens airport before our flight home.

While Matt and I were in Greece I noticed that everyone was drinking some iced coffee beverage with a thick layer of what, from far away, looked like whipped cream on top. In spite of the fact that I hate whipped cream, I had to try one of these immediately because: 1) I like iced coffee. 2) I like to try new things. 3) I’m a lemming and do whatever everyone else is doing.

While practicing my Greek literacy on a menu at a beachside taverna, I deduced that the mystery drink was called a frappe since that was the only coffee beverage offered.

A Greek frappe is iced coffee with a layer of foam on top. It is made with instant coffee (a fact I learned later) and is usually served sweetened and sometimes with milk.

My mind was boggled, wondering aloud How do they DO this? to Matt every time I drank one which was, admittedly, pretty often.

One of the many frappes I had in Greece.

Of course I had to replicate this beverage as soon as I got home. Turns out it’s extremely easy to make- just takes a little shaking. It’s made with instant coffee which turns into a foam when mixed with a bit of water and agitated.

Greek Frappe Coffee

How to make a Greek Frappe

1) Put 2 heaped teaspoons of instant coffee and 2 teaspoons of sugar (or to taste) in a 500mL jar.

Greek Frappe Coffee

2) Add 30mL (~1 oz) of cold water.

Greek Frappe Coffee

3) Cover the jar with a lid and shake vigorously until the water started to foam up.

Greek Frappe Coffee

It will look something like this.

Greek Frappe CoffeeGreek Frappe Coffee

4) Add ice and top the jar up with cold water. A splash of milk is optional. Drink with a straw on a Cretan beach.

Greek Frappe Coffee

Greek Frappe

2 tsp instant coffee
2 tsp sugar (or to taste)
500mL cold water
ice and a splash of milk for serving.

Put the coffee and sugar in a 500mL jar.
Add 30mL of the cold water.
Put a lid on the jar and shake vigorously until the water starts to creat a foam.
Add ice and top the jar up with the remaining cold water. A splash of milk is optional for serving.

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