11 Oct

Some Delicious Dishes

Alternate Title: Shit I Made and Forgot to Blog About

I hardly blog about the food that I make. It seems like I do, but I make so many different dishes that I often forget to blog about them or they get put on the back burner so I can talk about my workout or the cookies that I recently baked.

Here are a few gems that I recovered when purging my SD card of old photos.

Boxty with Caramelized Onions

This recipe is courtesy of my favourite blog, Global Table Adventure. I find myself bookmarking practically one recipe for every country from which Sasha cooks. This recipe hails from Ireland- it’s basically a potato crepe that can be filled with anything you want. That’s what I can versatility.


Mise En Place

“Everything in place”. Because I have kickboxing twice a week right at dinner time (6-7pm) getting dinner ready at a decent hour is tough. I use the time I have before class to wash, cut, and measure everything I need for my dish so that it’s all ready to go when I get home. It means making dinner is very fast!

This is the Mise en Place for the delicious White Beans and Cabbage recipe.


Most Delicious Burrito Ever

. . . if only because I made everything from scratch.

Cilantro Lime Rice – from scratch
Refried beans – from scratch
Pico de Gallo – from scratch
Tortillas – from scratch (!)

Most Delicious Burrito

Yes, I made my own tortillas. I’ll except my ‘housewife of the year’ award right now, thank you.

(note Matt mowing down his burrito in the background!)

Homemade TOrtillas
The homemade tortillas. (and they’re almost round too! Bonus points.)

Bigos with Polenta

Technically I didn’t make this at all. The bigos is a sauerkraut and kielbasa stew that my Polish friend’s mom made for me because I raved about how amazing it was the first time I tried it. The polenta was leftovers from the World’s Largest Batch of Polenta.

It’s a little bit of East meets West here. (Eastern Europe meets Western Europe that is)

Bigos with Polenta

The New York Times Plum Torte

I read somewhere that the Plum Torte is the Most Requested Recipe from the New York Times. I thought, Plum torte? Really?

It’s the sort of recipe that I would glaze over and never give a second thought to, but when I heard that so many people love it/make it/request it I felt I had to try it. Plus it sounded like the easiest dessert ever to make.

It was worth it. Seriously.

Plum Torte

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