24 May

food journal 24/05/11


-mountain bread with equal parts tahini and date molasses topped with banana slices
-some granola (unpictured)

Banana with Tahini and Date Molasses


-spinach salad with cucumber, avocado, and savoury. I forgot to put any sort of protein in the salad so it wasn’t very filling
-celery sticks

Spinach Salad


– Matt was on dinner duty tonight. He made a chunky vegan corn and black bean chili with fresh cilantro. It was, as all Matt’s chilis are, spicy.
– one and a half spinach fatayer that I made last night.
– glass of Alabama sweet tea, this stuff is gooood.

Vegan Black Bean and Corn ChiliVegan Black Bean and Corn Chili

Spinach Fatayer

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2 thoughts on “food journal 24/05/11

    • It’s delicious. It’s basically a sweetener made from concentrated date juice that has the same texture as molasses but a much milder flavour. You can get it from the Lebanese/Middle Eastern grocery store and can use it as a substitute honey or agave or molasses.

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