21 May

food journal 21/05/11

Today was a weird day when it comes to eating. Even more than a normal Saturday’s unstructured eats.

– I had to skip breakfast because I had to fast for a blood test
– I didn’t have a proper lunch because I spent the day shopping in the States
– My dinner had a bug in it. True story.

So my meals today were mainly liquid or miscellany from the Lebanese grocery stores that I hit up after my bloodwork.


I went to a couple of Lebanese grocery stores on Wyandotte and every time I go I have to pick up some nougat candies. I didn’t wait until I got home to dig into these babies:

Lebanese NougatLebanese NougatLebanese Nougat

Once I got home I had half of a giant mountain bread smothered with a mix of equal parts tahini and date molasses. It’s delicious, trust me.

Tahini & Date MolassesMountain BreadDate Molasses

– Right before I left to go shopping I had a cucumber with sea salt.

Persian cucumber


I went shopping with my friend Tina who, thankfully, brought snacks with her. Lunch was a granola bar and an iced coffee from Starbucks (which was unphotographed but looked something like this)




– It started off with a delicious boxty stuffed with corned beef and cabbage from an Irish pub in Novi. I’ve never had a boxty before and I really really liked it (It’s like a potato crepe!). About 1/3 of the way through it I found a little fly in my veggies and sent the dish back.

Cabbage and Corned Beef Boxty

So dinner ended up being a Magner’s Cider at the pub and a Mill Street Brewery Wit at home.

Magner's Bottle

Mill Street Wit


Shopping! It’s cardio, I promise.

I got a cardigan (I subscribe to the philosophy that you can never have too many cardigans), an owl necklace, and a pair of earrings from Forever 21. I wore my purchases home because that’s what you do when you live in Canada, shop in the States, and don’t want to pay taxes on what you bought.


(I wear sunglasses indoors. What?)


Another method to avoid paying duty is make the customs officer uncomfortable by telling him you bought hundreds of dollars worth of lingerie. Try it.


The contents of the bag are between me and Victoria.

I’m off to polish off my liquid dinner. Cheers!

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    • If you want it, it’s yours next time I see you. It was ridiculously cheap and I’m not attached to it.

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