23 Sep

no make-up challenge

This post is part of the No Make-Up Week challenge hosted by blogger Rabbit Write. The challenge is also being co-hosted by No More Dirty Looks (you might remember that I took part in their Summer Hair Challenge a few weeks back).

The report Beauty at any Cost put out by the YWCA shows that U.S. women spent an average of $100/month on cosmetics and beauty products. I ran a quick calculation to find that at only 1% interest  that kind of monthly cosmetic spending would accrue to $23,000 in only 10 years. Think of all the things you could do with that!

But $100/month is what many women spend because they are too embarrassed to leave the house without makeup on and keep extra make-up in their handbags in case of emergencies (I like to keep things like matches and safety pins, but that’s neither here nor there). We’re embarrassed by our own faces? It’s kind of shameful, no? I mean, your face truly is who you are.

The idea behind the challenge to stand up to the ridiculous beauty standard of covering our faces with make-up, to provide a good example to young teen pre-teen girls, and maybe to realize that we have more to offer the world than just a perfect face.


This is me without make-up:

I took this picture as I was leaving the house for work this morning. I want to make some sort of an excuse about how I look a little pale from the natural lighting (is that even possible?) and that the dark circles under my eyes are from waking up a little later than normal after snoozing the alarm one to many times and convincing myself that it was Saturday. But no. This is how I look at least 5 days a week. Bare faced. Oh, and there’s nothing in my hair here either.

I wear make-up maybe once or twice a week. Usually just on the weekends. When I do wear it, I feel like I’m a 5 year old playing with her mother’s make-up, because to me it’s just a game. I like to experiment with colours and techniques and pretend I’m a make-up artist. I try to re-create the smokey eyes I see in magazines, or the bright red Dita Von Teese lips (but never together, I don’t want to look like a zombie clown). It can be really fun. I like do other people’s make-up too. My sister always ask me to do her make-up for her because I am, apparently, skilled at making her look stunning. She calls my handi-work “the Magic”. I should have been a make-up artist.

But, I never put make-up on because I feel like I have to. Sure, I use concealer here and there when I want to cover up a particularly hideous pimple, but I don’t feel the need to “put on my face” before walking out the door. I kinda like the face that I’m always wearing, thank you very much.

Anyway, if you’re the type of person who feels naked without make-up, this particular challenge might be all that more difficult for you. But try it! You just might like it.

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10 thoughts on “no make-up challenge

  1. I probably won’t do the challenge, but I don’t wear much makeup. I actually find $100/month astounding — it’s maybe taken me three weeks, at least, to spend that amount on cosmetics (we’re not counting cleansers/moisturizers here, right?) I currently don’t even own foundation and my concealer is about 10 years old and was given to me by my mother (yeah…it’s getting thrown out. Really.) Mostly I just wear mascara, eyeliner and bronzer/blush. Simple. I’m a big fan of looking like one’s self. However, I agree with you; wearing makeup is fun and getting to try new techniques can be really cool.

  2. i don’t know if i can go a whole week-but i will take a couple days off. I usually just wear powder and mascara, but i’m going to try it! We need to KNOW to love our look without unnatural alterations. You’re the champion of that message and i love it!

  3. you are gorgeous! Seriously. You have such lovely dark brows that really contrast your eyes and face.

    I would consider the challenge, but truth be told there is SOMETHING going on with my face right now which has led to the worst breakouts I have possibly experienced all YEAR. Ugh. Stress? In any case, I am sticking with my concealer this week…hopefully I won’t need to next week.

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