Sep 6, 2010
The Menzinator
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faces of beauty

Check out my lovely mug today on Faces of Beauty here.

Faces of Beauty is a great blog that was established as a celebration of the unique beauty of each an every person. You should all check it out and submit your own picture! I think it fits very well with my own Bikini Confidence Series about strengthening your relationship with yourself.

Do you know that you are beautiful just the way you are?

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  • I wish these blog posts had a like button. Cuz this is a
    Like Like Like.


  • It’s a beautiful idea, don’t you think? Off to look at your beautiful self…

  • I agree with Darryn. I think it’s BEAUTIFUL that you know your beautiful.

    Own it!

  • I checked the site and your picture, very nice!! :)

  • I’ll go check it out!

  • girl you’re a hotty!!! :) :) :)

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