23 Mar

day 56: in search of stockfish

This morning I woke up extra early to head to the gym. Normally I’m up not up until 7:00 but this morning I was up at 5:45 to be at the gym for 6:00. I wasn’t as tired as I expected to be, but I was extra hungry this morning after my workout. Does anyone know a good post workout breakfast that I can pack and bring to work?

The most exciting part of my workout this morning: I got complimented on the amount of weight I was squatting! I love getting compliments at the gym 😀

I got to thinking that I should compliment a new person every day at the gym. Maybe it will make them happy and make them want to come back! What do you think? Good idea or annoying?

I spent the morning at the gym because this afternoon I had to pick up my nonna and take her back and forth across the city until we could find this:

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That’s stockfish or dried cod. I have every intention of learning from her how to make baccalà this weekend. Baccalà is actually salt cod, but being  Northern Italian we tend to do things a bit differently. We use dried cod instead.

There are 2 things that you need to know about stockfish (we’ll call it baccalà for the sake of argument): 1) it is as solid as a board — you could probably sleep with one under your bed in lieu of a baseball bat to fend off attackers. But you probably wouldn’t want to do that because 2) it smells terrible. Imagine the smelliest fish you could think of and then multiply that aroma by 10.

So once nonna and I got the fish home we took it into the garage and pulled out a wood saw and a hammer from the toolbox to saw it up into pieces small enough to fit into a pot. The baccalà then has to soak in warm water for 3 days (in the garage since you don’t want that smell in your house, blech!) and the water must be changed 3 times a day!

No wonder nonna wasn’t too keen on making it. On the plus side, once I know the recipe then she’ll never have to worry about making it again.

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0 thoughts on “day 56: in search of stockfish

  1. Haha! I can’t think of anything better than a stiff, stinky fish that takes 3 days to prepare and requires a saw and hammer 😉

    I like the idea of complimenting people at the gym. Congrats on your own compliment, BTW! 🙂

  2. I have never heard of this baccala thing you speak of, so consider me interested! I’ll have to talk to you about it when we hang out this upcoming weekend.

    I like this compliments idea. It might be bad for me, though, as I tend to think: great! This person thinks I look good so I don’t have to come here anymore, phew. Hehe. Just kidding. I think it’s a great idea.

  3. After 2 hours str8 of badminton tonight I downed a scoop of protein and a scoop of Endurance Amino Acid mix(electrolyte replacement) in 2 cups of water. But that was 9pm at night where I don’t need as much energy as you would in the morning. I don’t see why a smoothie wouldn’t work if it has some protein in it.

  4. Wow, I am northern italian as well, and that is something I am not too keen to learn how to make! haha. Good luck!!

    Also, good for you on your early AM workout! I like the idea of complimenting someone at the gym. I know at my gym (the university) people can be pretty snobby/competitive…so that would be really refreshing1

  5. I love learning old, traditional recipes…no matter how weird or stinky they are 🙂 Awesome job getting up and going to the gym, I could never get myself out of bed!

    You could bring a yogurt and granola for a post-workout, or a pb sandwich =)

  6. So cool that you’re making baccala! I’m familiar with it and I find you to be especially adventurous to undertake such a thing! I love that about your blog- your willingness to experiment!
    I think the idea of complimenting a new person each day is so admirable and wonderful. IT will undoubtedly make someone’s day and mean so much. Great!

  7. Who needs a baseball bat when you can have a stockfish?! They certainly look like they could ward off an offender! 😉

    I would do toast and nut butter with a glass of milk, personally!

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